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in that I would hire a PA, Au Pair and housekeeper if I could afford it

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Sourdough Fri 02-Oct-09 18:35:00


Just feeling completely snowed under with everything.

How do ther people keep on top of it all?

nymphadora Fri 02-Oct-09 18:42:44

No idea but I want at least a housekeeper

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 02-Oct-09 18:47:34


you need to hire a nanny instead of an ap grin

seriously though, if you can afford it, i think you should hire as much help as you can

cook,gardener, chauffeur,housekeeper, ironing lady ......

do the important stuff and leave the rest till another time

Sourdough Fri 02-Oct-09 18:59:30

This summer, I (I mean, we)
1. Left our old jobs and got totally harrassed by the boss we ditched. Took it v badly and made (and is still making) life as hard as poss
2. Moved house
3. Kids moved schools
4. Started a new business

And all since late June!

I have a million and one unfinished jobs. Am currently sitting in my office (down the road from home) because DH called and said there was a problem with the fax machine. At least I had time to bolt eat dinner tonight!

doubleexpresso Sat 03-Oct-09 10:50:42

I would love to have a housekeeper who doubled up as a childcarer, who cooked wonderful meals and made the house clean and cosy. I often think that we need 3 adults (at least) in our family. A week never goes by in which we don't end up with some complicated arrangement for childcare, and we've only got 2 DC'c both at school... back to daydreaming of riches and staff!!!

ThingOne Sat 03-Oct-09 11:16:36

I definitely want a housekeeper. Not only to cook, clean and wash but to meal plan, order food, arrange boilermen and help me organise the home.

I don't have a job. I'm just bored of housework grin.

citronella Sat 03-Oct-09 11:31:18

And a gardener/handyman.

mumcah Sat 03-Oct-09 13:45:46

I had an Au Pair for 9 months as DP was away in the forces and I was working and had to look after our baby DD.An Au Pair is so much cheaper than a babysitter or a nursery/childminder.I paid her £70 a week which is average.I didn't ask her to do cleaning though.
I now have a cleaner who is £21 for 3 hours a week,a bargain as I work full time (although weird hours)and I have to say that 21 quid has saved my sanity as I just couldn't cope with work,toddler and housework.
So...that is how I keep on top of it allgrin

MrsVik Sat 03-Oct-09 13:51:52

Ohh, I'd definitely have a housekeeper and a gardener!

smugmumofboys Sat 03-Oct-09 13:59:37

I know a couple of people who have set-up home pa services and they get asked to do all sorts of things: sorting out builders, arranging parties, gift buying, waiting in for deliveries, product research, even paying in cheques!

Might it be worth you looking into someone like that locally?

Also, definitely get a cleaner if you can afford it. Mine is a lifesaver.

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