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to take DD to occupational therapist?

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stonethecrows Fri 02-Oct-09 17:01:39

DD was referred to OT over a year ago for both delayed gross motor and fine motor skills. the appointment has finally come through.

However, in the intervening year, I think she has completely caught up in GM skills, and is pretty much there in FM skills too (perhaps still a little behind)

I'm thinking of cancelling the appointment as not sure she really needs it, but on the other hand am also tempted to keep it and attend just in case I'm missing something and she could do with extra help? I know the NHS is really stretched but we have had such a run of things with this DD I'm a little concerned that if I give up this appointment I will regret it later.

AIBU to keep appointment even though not sure she really needs it anymore?

herjazz Fri 02-Oct-09 17:05:01

yanbu - yr not really sure she doesn't need it. You are not an OT. Let them see and decide

Its the fine motor skills the OT will be more interested in anyway - which you say you still have some concerns over. Physio would be looking at gross motor stuff

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