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to not want a promotion?

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Undercovamutha Fri 02-Oct-09 15:54:57

It looks like I may be in line for a promotion (potentially my boss's job) when I return to work after my maternity leave. Trouble is, I don't know if I want one? I have already been stressing about how I am going to manage getting the children to school and nursery once I am back in work, and extra responsibility will just make things even more stressful. However, the other option is that I turn down the promotion, someone else gets it, and I potentially lose a quite cushy situation as my current boss lets me have a lot of autonomy and flexibility. I work part-time, and he has been very accommodating of changes in hours etc.
AIBU to turn down the promotion?

Lifeistooshort Fri 02-Oct-09 16:03:56

you will manage. Take it. Do you know that saying "if you want something done, ask a busy woman". You will be fine

pjmama Fri 02-Oct-09 16:06:43

If it's a job that you would have jumped at before you had children, then you should give it a go. If it doesn't work out, then re-think it then but it would be a shame to miss out based on what might happen. You may well surprise yourself wink

Chickenshavenolips Fri 02-Oct-09 16:09:55

I agree with the above. Give it a go. If it does prove too much, you can find a solution. Better to try than not.

JemL Fri 02-Oct-09 16:11:57

Take it. There will be ways to make it work, and it sounds as if your boss is really accomodating. I know what you mean though - I was covering for my manager before she went on leave - the week I was going on my own maternity leave, she announced she wasn't coming back and so her job will be mine when I return next year. I know that there will be more to juggle with 2 DC's, but the fact that they still want me to have the job, knowing I am off, etc, is hugely encouraging.

Even if you don't take this job, presumably you will still be working, so the logistics will be the same - and the senior position may give you even more flexibility.

Undercovamutha Fri 02-Oct-09 16:16:00

JemL - you seem to be in a very similar position to me. One of the main issues is, I will be replacing my boss, and he will be moving to a completely different branch of the business. So I will effectively be going it alone. I suppose it isn't just the childcare logistics - I think I've got the kind of 'baby-brain', 'will I ever be able to operate in a world of adults again', kind of panic!!!

Undercovamutha Fri 02-Oct-09 16:17:23

BTW, thanks everyone for being so positive and encouraging! It is nice to get an unbiased view as DH will probably just say 'well done - and great now we'll have more money!'.

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