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To want to bring back the dealth penalty?

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hugmeandcatchthelurgi Thu 01-Oct-09 15:16:58

Another child pornography case in the news, why cant we bring back the death penalty?

Im a firm believer in peadophiles cant be rehabilitated, why send them to jail? i think the dealth penalty is more appropriate for peadophiles and child abusers angry


This last case in plymouth really upsets me, so maybe i am more hormonal than normal!

UnquietDad Thu 01-Oct-09 15:17:58

If it is a "dealth penalty", do you want it brought back by steath?

hugmeandcatchthelurgi Thu 01-Oct-09 15:19:50

Opps sorry...

<note to self... check posts before posting...>

GeekIsGood Thu 01-Oct-09 15:20:39

It's 'paedophile' btw

Unless you're referring to the Green Giant

hugmeandcatchthelurgi Thu 01-Oct-09 15:21:23

jeezzz sorry

Sneezecake Thu 01-Oct-09 15:22:30

quite agree they should suffer a horrible death

Synyster Thu 01-Oct-09 15:23:40

are you going to offer to do it ?

nickytwotimes Thu 01-Oct-09 15:24:34

Oh, fgs.
Yes, it works so well in the States, doesn't it? hmm
Btw, I was abused as a kid and I do not want my abuser to die. I want him to suffer of course, but no way would I want the death penalty.

MitchyInge Thu 01-Oct-09 15:26:31

I suppose killing them would be cheaper than trying to contain and learn from them but it's a bit too mediæval for me.

hugmeandcatchthelurgi Thu 01-Oct-09 15:27:07

So you think our justice system works well then?

Nancy66 Thu 01-Oct-09 15:28:05

Female paedophiles are rare. I don't support the death sentence but I would support chemical castration in convicted paedophiles.

nickytwotimes Thu 01-Oct-09 15:29:19

Our justice system is deeply flawed. All justice systems are though. A reactionary 'string em up' attitude doesn't fix it.
Btw, it costs A FORTUNE to execute someone. Appeals processes, etc. Not a cheaper option apparently.

GeekIsGood Thu 01-Oct-09 15:30:22

Don't think the justice system would be improved by introducing state-sanctioned murder though would it?

Eve4Walle Thu 01-Oct-09 15:30:36

I can't help feeling that if one of the children that had been abused in Plymouth had been mine, I would want the abuser to suffer a slow and painful death - which is a notmal parental reaction, in my opinion.

But rationally, I don't agree with the death penalty and we have to console ourselves with the thought that these abusers won't be getting an easy time of it in prison by any means. That's lame, but what else can we expect?

hugmeandcatchthelurgi Thu 01-Oct-09 15:30:38

but it makes me feel better to vent

Hulababy Thu 01-Oct-09 15:31:39

I enjoy belonging to a civilised society. I do not believe the death sentence is part of a civilised society personally.

The death penalty does not prevent such horrific cases either.

nickytwotimes Thu 01-Oct-09 15:32:31

Chemical castrstion isn't always successful though. Some people who have it done to them see themselves as persecuted (because they think what they do is fine) and find other ways to hurt vulnerable members of society.

Nancy66 Thu 01-Oct-09 15:34:53

there's no way that capital punishment will ever, EVER be brought back to this country - people really need to accept that.

dogstar Thu 01-Oct-09 15:41:27

I don't think the death penalty works as a deterrent from crime

it's a wicked punishment anyway

though I don't believe that paedophiles should be released from jail as the risk of repeating the crime seems so great

MillyMollyMoo Thu 01-Oct-09 15:57:48

Life needs to mean life, no need to spend all that money hanging, beheading whatever, just lock them up and do not let them out ever. Oh and no sky sports.

Aussieng Thu 01-Oct-09 15:58:58

YANBU to want to bring back the death penalty. You are entitled to your opinion.

Fortunately you are not in a position to actually bring it back! smile

It doesn't work, it is expensive, mistakes get made, it discourages confession.

And how do you draw the line? Is an 18 y/o having sex with a 15 y/o a paedophile? Should he/she be sentenced to death?

Things which make sense on MN are often difficult to legislate for fairly. IIRC, just before the death penalty was phased out, you could be put to death for killing someone by shooting them once but if you stabbed them 25 times, cut their bodies up into little pieces and distributed them around London you would not be.

MillyMollyMoo Thu 01-Oct-09 16:00:59

"these abusers won't be getting an easy time of it in prison by any means. That's lame, but what else can we expect?"

Aren't they in special units away from most prisioners though ? I think if I was the parent and thought that Boris from wing B would be using the offender as his bitch for the next 5 years that might go some way to helping me to get over it, but they are all in a unit together discussing how hard done by they are I'm told ?

sherby Thu 01-Oct-09 16:02:33

I don't think you can rehabilitate them tbh. I can understand peoples anger and need to lash out and DO something, but that is the exact reason why victims/victims families don't pick the punishment.

I do think prisons aren't doing the job at the moment. I know ex prisoners who have said themselves that it wasn't bad at all being inside and they weren't particularly bothered about going back again.

stuffitllllama Thu 01-Oct-09 16:04:05


you can't possibly

murder is murder is murder

sherby Thu 01-Oct-09 16:05:19

I think the how do you differentiate between a 18yr old having sex with a 15yr old thing is a red herring.

Anybody can see that somebody distributing and committing serious level 5 sex acts on children is not the same thing as two teenagers having sex

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