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to want to delete this woman from my life ? We used to be friends....

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Hi all !

I have namechanged just in case of..

A year ago, I became closed friends with other mum from my ds's class. We got to know each other towards the end of the school summer term. I used to say hi and everything before and then we got talking, we met up for coffees, she invited me to parties, her birthday pary etc...we were in each other pocket, really, almost spending all our spare time together..She even called me her special friend. She even offered to host my 25th birthday party at her massssssive house and we did and it was great and I thanked her 10000 times for this great gift.

Then in september, I have started suffering of depression due to stress at work so I guess I was not making her laugh anymore..She has got an amazing job and a lot of pressure and I'm at the bottom of the career ladder.

As I tought we were closed I have confided in her, how I was feeling etc..but it was never just about me. I always loved listening to her news etc...

After my birthday, which were in october, she stopped calling me, texted me (when she could easily send 10 messages a day)..or answering sorry dont feel like talking...

I was invited at new years at hers, she desinvited me..

And in general completely ignoring me or being cold to me.

I was heartbroken.

In january, I went to a party where she was, and I had too much to drink and I tried to confront her, got the silence treatment and rolling eyes.

From that time until yesterday, I tried to act like normal, our relationship is really formal.

But its so hard for me because she started to go out again and we see each other and its so hard because we go out with all the mums from school.

Yesterday, it did hurt big time. I was talking and she cut me mid sentence just to talk about boring shoes...

Am I boring, a looney ?? Why is she like this ?

She is on my facebook, can I delete her or its going to make everything worst ???

I have to see her for the next 7 yearsssssssssssss !

Help and sorry for long post and I hope I make sense !

pjmama Wed 30-Sep-09 18:19:23

Sounds like a bit of a sudden u-turn from being your new best mate to effectively cutting you off completely. She sounds pissed off at you to me.

Have you ever actually asked her what's going on? You may have done something to offend her somehow, and not realised it. Unless you get her to tell you what the problem is, you won't be able to figure out if it can be fixed.

Just ask her.

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