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to think I have a lovely family

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boundarybabe Wed 30-Sep-09 10:11:59

with all the DH and MIL bashing that (justifiably) happens on here, thought it would be nice to tell you that my DH surprised me yesterday with a trip to London for our anniversary - my MIL babysat for the entire day and evening and they've both kept it under their hats for over a month! Sorry if I am being smug but I feel all loving of both of them now. smile

bronze Wed 30-Sep-09 10:12:57

grin how lovely

I have a lovely family too

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 30-Sep-09 10:13:34

<prints out 100 copies of above post in bold to show to MIL and DH>

BLEEPyouYOUbleepingBLEEP Wed 30-Sep-09 10:14:54

Apart from my DH/DD I don't really have that happy a family, but I'm really happy that at least one person does smile

lorrycat Wed 30-Sep-09 10:16:45

Oh how lovely - that is so nice of both of them. Generally i have a lovely family and am grateful for it.

Rollmops Wed 30-Sep-09 10:45:15

I, too, am very lucky, we have a such a happy and caring family.... Aaawwww, feeling all warm and fuzzy now smile

busybutterfly Thu 01-Oct-09 22:02:07

What a lovely surprise. I think you have a lovely family too smile

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