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To have really lost my temper over this complete lack of Customer Service?

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Lizzylou Mon 28-Sep-09 17:56:09

Apologies is this is long, but I do need to vent.
So, Dishwasher seal went in June.
Tried to get a local firm to fix it, couldn't find anyone.
Went through a national one over the net, said it would be done in 48 hours. They outsourced it to another national firm. Took 4 attempts to get it fixed (when first came they'd thought it was Fridge Freezer, then wrong seal, then needed a new door).
All fixed finally,so went to use it and when we opened the door it was fit so tightly that it took off part of our work surface.
Called them up, bloke fixed washer and took photos of damage.
It has now been 3 months of phoning/emailing/writing to both firms, no one has taken responsibility except for one lovely bloke who seems to be lone voice of reason. We have had various letters saying that the matter is under review and being given their utmost consideration and we will have a response in 7-10 days.......
He gave me number for a Customer Service Manager who said that the original engineer would put it in writing (when he came back off sick, only been off since last week) that he didn't cause the damage and that in their opinion it was the original installation of the dishwasher which was incorrect. It was installed over 4 years ago when we bought the house (new build) and we have never had any problems.
Also, in reply as to why noone had contacted us to inspect the damage or tell us that they were dealing with it, she said "But we have been dealing with it, there are notes on the system" shock
I am afraid I may have then been somewhat sarcastic..........

Jumente Mon 28-Sep-09 18:02:58

I want to know what you said!! grin


Lizzylou Mon 28-Sep-09 18:05:53

I may have used expletives
And called someone a Muppet who should be embarrassed at the piss poor company they worked for.

I am afraid that 4 months worth of frustration at being passed from one numpty to another came out. She was rather sassy to be honest.

weebleswobble Mon 28-Sep-09 18:16:14

Did you mention Watchdog? I tend to find that gets things moving in these situations.

donnie Mon 28-Sep-09 18:20:29

it's worth registering with Which? online legal services. It costs about £80 to register but they will put the fear of God into any company tbh. We had a 'situation' where a company at fault would not supply us with documents we needed to make an insurance claim so eventually we emailed saying we had instructed Which? legal services. And funnilly enough, the documents were then forthcoming.....

Lizzylou Mon 28-Sep-09 18:33:25

OOH, good ideas.
DH works for a firm of solicitors so was going to sort something.
Loving Watchdog and the Which? idea.
Having googled, it does seem as if they are renowned for their piss poor service.

groundhogs Mon 28-Sep-09 18:54:04

On the marvellous achievement of being able to yell at people using such fabulous words as Muppet, and *Numpty to Numpty*... LOL!

Well Done!

Best of luck and without a shadow of a doubt... YANBU!!

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