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To think Harrods should have a Christmas grotto ticketing system that works?

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laraeo Mon 28-Sep-09 12:18:13

Apparently last week there was so much interest in booking tickets that the system crashed. So they've updated their website to basically say try again today starting at 11am and they're waiving the ticket administration fee. But I still can't get through to book tickets. I know in the big scheme of things this is just a minor annoyance but I missed out on tickets last year and this will be our last Christmas here in the UK (we're back to the US of A in spring) and I thought it'd be something neat for DS (who'll be 22 months). I'm planning a couple days of doing toddler friendly things with him too but the whole point of going is to visit Santa.

Sorry, I'm just frustrated angry.

CNyle Mon 28-Sep-09 12:24:13

i think the whole thing is a rip off

mamakim Mon 28-Sep-09 12:29:22

Tell me about it ech time i'm getting right to the end then it crashes. I'm losing the plot!

Sassybeast Mon 28-Sep-09 12:29:24

I can't believe how much it costs and how many mugs devoted parents are prepared to pay for it. If I'd taken mine at 22 months they would have screeched in terror at the big scary man wink

mamakim Mon 28-Sep-09 12:30:17

If that Service Unavailable screen comes up again, i will scream.

mamakim Mon 28-Sep-09 12:30:53

It doesn't cost anything.

SomeGuy Mon 28-Sep-09 12:32:47

Harrods is horrid and run by that ghastly Mohammed Al Fugger.

And queueing for hours to see Satan Santa with a small child is my idea of hell.

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 28-Sep-09 12:34:21

I am shocked that Christmas is being planned already TBH.

Sassybeast Mon 28-Sep-09 12:35:36

Mamakin - so it's free? Why on earth do i have it in my head that it costs loadsamoney ? Has it always been free?

TheBalladofGayTony Mon 28-Sep-09 12:36:25

santa is the devil [hysterical]

Pikelit Mon 28-Sep-09 13:00:33

Why give the Fugging Fake Pharaoh time, or money?
Satan Santa has a grotto at far nicer places than boring old Harrods.

laraeo Mon 28-Sep-09 13:03:38

It is free. There was a 5 pound (no pound sign, just $$) admin fee for the tickets which they've waived due to the website disasters. Although they way it's going, I'm thinking they might have to start paying people to go.

One of the big advantages is that it's a timed ticket so you're not standing in line for hours which is what we did at a farm last year. I thought I was on the ball this year because we missed out last year.

It might be a silly thing to do but I thought it'd be good excuse for a few fun days in London with DS.

sweetie66 Mon 28-Sep-09 13:57:25

Can you go in November not December? Can you go at a mid time (2pm, 11am etc not after school) And can you do a day like a Monday?

We happened to be in Harrods early November on a Monday afternoon. I walked up to the booking desk for the grotto and asked if any slots were available and the girl offered us a choice of about 4! No waiting or anything.

They were so quiet DD was treated like minor royalty by all the people. Santa was brilliant and took time to make sure she was comfortable in the room before she sat next to him (which meant no tears). She was with Santa for over half an hour and it was a special time for us seeing her face in awe of him.

We filled in a card with our address on it and her list and Santa wrote her a letter back (Santa really had signed as the signature matched the one in her book) She was soooooo excited to get it she put under her pillow.

It is free and the children get a book and a badge. Your picture is taken and you can buy them (I think it was £12 for 4 6x4" prints in a cardboard frame) Santa held his cloak behind DD and told her it was the heart of Santa. Although you can eaily walk past without purchasing, as you go to them to look.

Oh and don't worry if the posters say fully booked as that clearly is not the case!

I know what people say about Harrods and it's owner but to me the little things they did to make it special for her made it all worth while.
I hope this helps and go and enjoy!

mumto2andnomore Mon 28-Sep-09 14:38:49

We went last year and really enjoyed it, didnt have any trouble booking tickets.

This year has been a nightmare, tried last week and today and had no luck at all.

Really disappointed.

FimboFortunaFeet Mon 28-Sep-09 14:44:50

My friend tried last week and everytime it crashed. She tried 3 times and has now ended up with 3 confirmations of 10 tickets = 30 tickets. She phoned customer services and they gave her into trouble for having 30, as she pointed out to them it was hardly her fault the system kept crashing so she was forced to go back and try again. They also said they would refund her £15 but they couldn't do it until today and they were going to try to take back the extra 20 tickets.

We shall see.....

LedodgyDailyMailstinksofpoo Mon 28-Sep-09 14:46:56

I've just tried and got in email me with your date, name, time etc and i'll try and fill it in for you and see if it will work.

LedodgyDailyMailstinksofpoo Mon 28-Sep-09 14:52:57


LedodgyDailyMailstinksofpoo Mon 28-Sep-09 15:00:47

Id ust put my details in but it says they are non transferable and you may have to take ID or something and I dont know wat date you want!

NeedaNewName Mon 28-Sep-09 15:04:01

I have only ever done the Harrods Santa once and it was shit!

Huge queue, disappoining Santa - terrible costume and he obviously wasn't into the job so shouldn't have done it. I know we all get bad days but you can't have one when you're a Santa.

I woul instead go to John Lewis, they had the best ever Santa there last year - real beard, no queues, he was just in the shop chatting to any children who wanted to go and see him, no gifts, no photo (so no pressure to buy or spend) though they did get a 'signed' certificte which they loved and we were able to take photos. Hope he's there this year.

laraeo Mon 28-Sep-09 15:04:17

Sweetie66, believe it or not, I've been trying to book for a Monday in November! And the customer service is why I want to book into Harrods. I don't really care about all the other gobbledygook concerning the owner. For me it's all about the service and I'm sorry but in my experience their service has been great.

I finally got to the last confirmation screen and after letting it try to confirm me for about 90 minutes, I gave up.

I'll try again and I may have to take you up on your offer LedodgyDailyMailstinksofp... (that was quite a typeful grin).

LedodgyDailyMailstinksofpoo Mon 28-Sep-09 15:05:08

Ok well i'll leave the box open. Im going on the schoolrun now so will check back later. x

mamakim Mon 28-Sep-09 15:37:19

laraeo call 02078938877 keep trying - they can do it over the phone.

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