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to be angry with the double glazing company?

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twirlymum Mon 28-Sep-09 10:39:06

We had new windows and doors fitted in July (not cheap, but really needed replacing!)
Yesterday, I opened the patio door from the garden, to go into the dining room. DH then said, 'I've just locked that, how did you get in?'. It now appears that the key has never actually worked, and the whole 'five point REALLY SECURE locking system' has failed!
I realise that we probably should have tested it before blush but when you pay a lot of money for something like this, you expect it to work.
I rang the company today, and the thing that has wound me up is the fact that they have to send us a form to report the fault before they will send out an engineer. There are postal strikes going on, and she said they can't email it, it has to sent by post. It then has to be sent to head office, and it could take a week for someone to come out.
DH thinks our insurance would be invalid should we get broken into (unlikely, but you never know) as we know about the fault.

lisianthus Mon 28-Sep-09 14:02:38

YANBU! Good grief!
Especially as they can't email it and you have to put up with a door you can't lock for over a week. Where is their shop? the 1950s?

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