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To think this was discrimination and out of order

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islandofsodor Sun 27-Sep-09 23:14:46

I took dd to an audition today for the local panto.

It was pretty well organised and instead of releasing all the unseucessful childrne out in to the foyer as had happened in previous years we had to enter the auditorium in a queue, collect our child then exit through the back, come down the stairs and out.

Much better single file and much safer for the children.

However in front of me in the queue were two ladies, one with a toddler in a pushchair and one with a 7/8 year old ish child in what looked a bit like a puschchair but was some sort of adapted wheelchair. The child looked very disabled.

The theatre steward told both ladies they couldn't take the pushchairs inside as they had to exit the opposite way with stairs. The lady woth the toddler said she would carry the pushcair (the alternative being to abandon her toddler in the foyer, go all the way round and then collect them and the wheelchair lady just said I'll manage somehow.

I understand the chaoos that would have ensued by everyone entering and exiting the same way but surely they should have allowed these two to exit via the ramp.

pjmama Sun 27-Sep-09 23:18:16

Jobsworths. World is full of 'em. Simple solution would have been to let them go last then come back out the way they came in, surely? But that would have required thought.

Did your DD get a part?

islandofsodor Sun 27-Sep-09 23:20:09

We were amongst the last in the queue.

No she didn't, 300 odd children for 30 places. Her friend got reserve.

islandofsodor Mon 28-Sep-09 17:18:20

I am wondering whether to write to the theatre and ask them to retrain some of their staff or is that OTT?

I get on well with a lot of the staff there especially backstage and the FOH manager used to work where I used to work.

CuntWhacker Mon 28-Sep-09 22:34:26

Do write to the theatre. The staff need to learn how to deal with such situations better.

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