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because i seem to have more patients, therefor more respect????

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babyflame Sun 27-Sep-09 21:07:07

My one year old has been so unlucky and had a D&V bug twice in the last 4 weeks, 1st time when we went away for a week abroad and secondly 4 weeks later on the day we have a very important function to go too... My partner has just started a new job and is trying to impress his new boss by putting in the extra hours, which i know is for our benefit, but as soon as the little one is unwell, he goes mad and thinks she is to blame for us having to give up all our rights, in having a good time, i explain its not her fault and let him carry on with life as much as possible in an ordinary fashion, but still he continues to tell me how tired he is, and how many hours he has done!!!! ALL I REALLY CARE ABOUT IS OUR LITTLE GIRL but tring to keep a happy, balanced home life is difficult at the mo...any advice would be greatful. x

Wonderstuff Sun 27-Sep-09 21:13:06

Not got much advice, but my dh drives me mad with similar behaviour. The other day he actually said he didn't know why people had children shock He is always soo tired and I try really hard to let him get as much sleep as possible, I don't know what he thought being a dad would be like.

babyflame Sun 27-Sep-09 21:27:14

It seems like you taking to brick wall i remember, when i discovered we pregnant and clearly discussing all the things that would change, and it all being ok.. and now it seem like its all down to me, i am the one that comfort her, so its just easier if i put her down every night, and then there is no fuss,i get frustrated because it seems we has all of this clear before she was even born.....

Wonderstuff Sun 27-Sep-09 21:41:34

Yes much easier when I do everything. Of course though when I go out dh has a 'total nightmare' not what I imagined, we had such an equal relationship before, now I am in charge. I think alot of it is lack of confidence on his part. I regret not forcing it more when dd was tiny..

beaniesinthebucketagain Tue 29-Sep-09 20:50:27

YANBU, i have one of those, oh im soooo tired and then he yawns for extra effect. I dont think any man will ever understand a mums love and bond, i get to the point of tearing my hair out yet still have a cry when i leave them so i dont throttle them can have a nice evening off!

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