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to think that dp wpould get excited about planning a break away together

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carrie1985 Sat 26-Sep-09 04:00:05

i am getting so stressed out. my dp and have been wanting a break away for ages, i started looking on the internet tonight.. admittidly a bit excited as we havent actualyy had a real holiday away before. after about 30mins or so of looking through city breaks lodges with saunas etc he said i'm not really fussed, just whatever."dont you think your getting a bit excited" talk about a kick in the teeth.
AIBU by going in the huff? if its not a kick in the teeth like this its dp working 55 hrs a week.

tatt Sat 26-Sep-09 05:32:44

If you're posting at 4a.m YABU. Get some sleep and see it in perspective in the morning.

branflake81 Sat 26-Sep-09 06:47:37

My DP is the same, I am always the one who plans holidays and trips and gets excited whilst he never seems particularly bothered. He always has a nice time when we get there though

Besom Sat 26-Sep-09 07:03:55

Don't sweat it. Just organise it and go and you will both have a good time. Get excited about the planning yourself, but don't overly involve him as it sounds as if it will just stress you both out. Just say 'we are going to do this - is that OK with you?' He can't then moan about the arrangements.

We went travelling round the world and I had the same thing with dh. It gets on my nerves because all the planning is left to me, but trying to get him more involved gets on my nerves more.

wonderingwondering Sat 26-Sep-09 07:07:49

If he's working 55 hours a week he probably doesn't want to sit on the internet comparing lodges on a Friday evening.

My DH works a lot, I work less, so I sort out all the holidays. Just book whatever you think you'll both enjoy.

DH doesn't really know where we are going until about a week before we go when we start sorting out what we are going to take - he just doesn't really have the time to think about it much in advance.

Heifer Sat 26-Sep-09 07:53:43

I wouldn't dream of starting from scratch looking for a holiday with DH. I look myself, then show him a shortlist of 3-5, then see if he fancies any of them. We then decide together.

I am very envy of you though as I would soo love to go away, but as DH went on half pay for a couple of months, a holiday has been knocked on the head until March time...

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