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to think that the BBC have made a big mistake with Alesha Dixon?

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JeMenFous Fri 25-Sep-09 21:44:32

Because she is absolutely rubbish and does not give anything to Strictlysadangry

Bring back Arlene

Alambil Fri 25-Sep-09 21:46:16

absolutely - I'm not even watching this year angry

JeMenFous Fri 25-Sep-09 21:49:05

She really does not bring anything to the programme, surely the BBC should be big enough to acknowledge the fact that they are wrong

VerityBrulee Fri 25-Sep-09 21:51:54

I cringe when it is her turn to comment.

EldonAve Fri 25-Sep-09 21:53:23

We are watching it for the first time tonight - she seems v amateur and would be better suited to something on channel 5

HolidaysQueen Fri 25-Sep-09 21:58:36

I actually thought she had some fairly constructive comments tonight (e.g. about body contact etc.), but it's just that she prefaces them with nonsense about them 'giving their all' so you end up missing any of the intelligent stuff.

JeMenFous Fri 25-Sep-09 22:01:56

She has just called Phil Tuffnell (my herogrin) a piece of loo roll (Charmin), get rid of her please

We are watching it sky +'ed

pigsinmud Fri 25-Sep-09 22:08:50

YABU. She's fine. Give her a chance.

She can empathise much better with the celebrties than the other judges can.

Craig is better now that Arlene has gone. She was my least favourite of the judges.

Docbunches Fri 25-Sep-09 22:12:50

I agree, I just caught the bit where her comment was something about "taking the competition by the scruff of the neck" or something equally hackneyed..... I found it too cringey and turned over (to Derren Brown).

LadyGlencoraPalliser Fri 25-Sep-09 22:15:03

She is not the brightest button in the box is she?

poorbuthappy Fri 25-Sep-09 22:21:32

If she had been before Arlene then she would have been fine...but Arlene was the high priestess of yes, the bbc have dropped a clanger...

Clayhead Fri 25-Sep-09 22:23:56

I loved her as a contestant but as a judge she has no credibility whatsoever and lacks articulacy. I cringe for her and that makes me sad as I like her!

yama Fri 25-Sep-09 22:25:43

I'm not watching. I feel liberated!

trixymalixy Fri 25-Sep-09 22:27:34

I really like Alesha and feel sorry for her, it's not her fault the BBC have put her in this position.

I agree had Arlene not been sacked and she had been brought in as a 5th judge then everybody would love her.

pinkteddy Fri 25-Sep-09 22:27:42

I thought she was better tonight but yes we're missing Arlene. Even dd who loves Alesha keeps asking why Arlene can't come back!

BringBackArlene Fri 25-Sep-09 22:32:31

She's has some intensive training since last week. She didn't tell any male celebrities they deserved a points for wearing pink this week.

But you can almost read the professional dancer's mask come down when it's her turn to speak. And the judging panel definitely miss Arlene's perspective.

Alesha could be a real asset to the show but not in this role.

StableButDeluded Fri 25-Sep-09 22:40:40

YABU, I like her, but agree that she shouldn't be classed as a judge.

I suppose it's a change to get the viewpoint of someone who's been through the process, but maybe put her in the 'back room' with the blonde woman who talks to the couples while they wait for the scores?

She has been put in an awkward position, as it stands.

theworldsgoneDMmad Fri 25-Sep-09 22:54:52

Great contestant, not great judge.

annh Fri 25-Sep-09 23:13:52

I thought she was worse tonight because she has obviously either been told, or independently decided after last week's criticism, not to talk about dresses, colours and other fluffy stuff so she is at even more of a loss in finding things to speak about and her lack of technical knowledge is even more apparent. I do wonder how the professional dancers who have been sweating their guys out for years can stand there and listen to her. As a contestant she was really bubbly and that was obviously her real personality. Now that has gone and she just comes across as a bit of a cardboard cut-out.

MintChocAddict Fri 25-Sep-09 23:23:00

Can't believe all the media drama over this (but I'm sure the BBC are loving the high profile) wink
She just accepted a job. Nobody died. She looks good, she makes the contestants feel good.
There are another three dance experts there for all the technical stuff.

'Tis only a programme.

twirlymum Fri 25-Sep-09 23:23:07

It's akin to Dannii Minogue on the X factor.

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 25-Sep-09 23:50:42

im missing arlene. she had a wealth of experience. its a shame for alesha dixon but dance isnt her job is it? thought she was a singer, who happened to win.

JustAnotherManicMummy Fri 25-Sep-09 23:55:34

Feel sorry for her because as a judge she is poor.

She would've been good doing what Tess Daley is supposed to do. I find Tess a bit wooden and vacuous.

notnowbernard Fri 25-Sep-09 23:56:47

"The BBC put her in this position"


SHE took the job, after all!

Her agent made a bad call IMO

BBC made a bad decision in binning Arlene though... (who else thinks she's done something wierd to her mouth?)

Docbunches Sat 26-Sep-09 09:19:28

I saw Arlene on the One Show last night and DP and I both agreed she'd had a lot of work done on her face - looked quite good though, I must admit.

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