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To think 13 yr old DD wants to be an emo she can be a pink emo

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teamcullen Fri 25-Sep-09 20:27:44

and not have to wear black all the time.

Why cant emo's like all things pink and fluffy?

ChookKeeper Fri 25-Sep-09 20:42:51

have you tried pointing her in the direction of "scene".

DD2 (12) is a "Scene Kid" and is adamant that she is not an emo. But TBH she just looks like a more colourful version.

I do have to admit that she looks really nice though - always has colour coordinated eyeshadow and hair bow grin

2shoes Fri 25-Sep-09 20:59:20

black is so much easier to keep clean

teamcullen Fri 25-Sep-09 21:09:44

but why cant she just wear high school musical or Hannah Montana T-shirts grin

ChookKeeper Fri 25-Sep-09 21:15:02

'cos they're just so gay grin

MrsJamin Fri 25-Sep-09 21:16:42

I would much rather have an emo daughter than one into hannah montana. (surely HSM & HM are for 8 year olds not 13 year olds?) It's just a phase that she'll grow out of once her friends do.

CMOTdibbler Fri 25-Sep-09 21:18:00

black is easy to keep clean, doesn't require segregated washing, and makes putting together outfits easy.

Disclaimer - I have never been an emo, but was a rock chick and only wore black or purple for about 10 years, and still have to make a concerted effort to wear colours. My mum thought it was a good thing

teamcullen Fri 25-Sep-09 22:17:47

I dont really want her to wear HSM or HM. I just want to be able to still go to shops like Zara and choose her clothes for her. grin

Blardy blar.. IABU I know! I do think she has good taste in music and she doesnt dress that bad yet

Its just my little girl is growing up sad

ChookKeeper Fri 25-Sep-09 22:28:04

sorry teamcullen but the sad fact of life is that as parents of teenagers we should not be choosing their clothes.

Don't you know that you are old and know nothing about being fashionable? grin

Funnily enough I felt the same about my dps <still do as my mom points out lovely clothing in Bon Marche hmm)

2shoes Fri 25-Sep-09 22:32:20

dd is 14 and loves HSM, but she does allow her 17 yr old db tell her to wear balck as well

teamcullen Fri 25-Sep-09 22:50:07

I wouldnt mind but if she hadnt of robbed my Twilight books she wouldnt have started listening to the Twilight soundtrack and got into bands such as Muse and Paramore, which brought on the change of style in the first place grin

Bellared Fri 25-Sep-09 22:52:39

I was a bit of a goth at that age and all my mum did was say to me 'why cant you dress like the other girls' so out came even more eyeliner and hair dye and more clumpier boots. She still complains about my hair colour now and its 15 years later and I've not lived with her since I was 16! I think I rebelled even more cos she hated how I dressed. She might grow out of it soon and emo clothes will be so much easier to wash wink. I'd encourage her to be individual it might do her self confidence good??

2shoes - Sinister gates (swoon).

halfcut Fri 25-Sep-09 22:55:11

Black is good ...<<looks at ds's line full of black band t.shirts>>

beaniesinthebucketagain Sat 26-Sep-09 23:46:46

muse and paramore rock, i can only hope my children make such good choices when listening to music!

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