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to be nervous about OH coming home?

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booyhoosboydoesntwearpants Fri 25-Sep-09 00:36:52

OH left on deployment when ds2 was 11 days old. he hasnt seen me since and will be home in 8 weeks.

im really worried what he'll think when he sees me (my body) again.

before i got Pg with ds2 i had a good figure, then i had a pregnant figure. the last time he saw me i had just had a baby. but now its 4 months on and i still look like i just had a baby. he on the other hand has been living at the gym and has had me sending out his vitamins and proteins and all that guff. ive told him not to be expecting it to be good but i know he'll be disappointed when he does see me. i cant bring myself to take send any pictures to him.

its realy starting to get to me now as his homecoming is getting soo close and i know this is probably the way im going to stay, short of starvation.

thumbwitch Fri 25-Sep-09 00:40:29

he'll probably be so relieved and pleased to be home that he won't worry too much about it - but if you have 8 weeks, you have time to do something if it's bothering you that much.
Have you access to a swimming pool? With a creche? Or failing that, do some sit-ups at home and maybe run up and down the stairs a few times each day.

booyhoosboydoesntwearpants Fri 25-Sep-09 00:44:52

ive just joined an aerobic class at the local leisure centre. they have a creche on thursdays.

i just cant help thinking, that he only has the image of me pre baby in his head and will be expecting someting along those lines.

booyhoosboydoesntwearpants Fri 25-Sep-09 00:45:57

ive just realised that my title could appear to be suggesting im afraid of my OH. i didnt mean to imply that.

thumbwitch Fri 25-Sep-09 00:47:30

aw, don't worry - I'm sure he'll just be pleased to see you at all, tbh. And if he isn't, remind him of how lucky he is to have you and your beautiful baby and say you were just waiting for him to get home so you could practise "keeping fit" <snurk> together.wink

He would have to be very immature not to realise that 2 babies is going to have a very big impact on you, especially when he hasn't been around to help out.

scaryteacher Fri 25-Sep-09 00:52:27

He'll be so glad to see you he won't give a damn, believe me. If you don't believe me, repost on the Forces sweetheart board, and we'll all tell you exactly the same over there.

My dh used to want green veg, large quantities of salad, fresh milk and sleep when he got home from sea. Your OH will just see you, rather than how you look iyswim. Don't stress.

booyhoosboydoesntwearpants Fri 25-Sep-09 01:01:40

i know, and he really isnt immature. its me. i wouldnt be with him if i thought he was that shallow. its just niggling at me that im not the same person. i know i am. its just stupid but i cant get it out of my head.

thumbwitch Fri 25-Sep-09 01:27:55

so what you're reeeeaally saying is the YOU aren't happy with your current figure and you are projecting that onto your OH? Well, m'dear, the answer is in your hands.

Seriously though - he's going to be thrilled to be back and thrilled to see his son who will have grown and changed enormously, AND thrilled to see YOU, whatever.

And if you really want to prepare him because you really don't think you can change your shape in 8 weeks, then overplay the situation - make out it's a bit worse than it really is and he'll be pleasantly surprised!

But - stop beating yourself up - you are starting the aerobics, do the running up and down stairs, walk more, eat healthily and you will be surprised how much you can achieve in 8 weeks.

valhala Fri 25-Sep-09 01:28:17

Hun I am sure that your DH will be so glad to be home and to see his lovely wife and children that your fears will be unfounded. I would imagine that his time on duty has been full of stresses and worries and that all he wants is a family life with the people who mean most to him.

I couldn't do what you do, waiting and worrying for the safety of my man. I admire you greatly and I am sure that your DH does too. As Scareyteacher has made it clear, you aren't alone in being a forces wife and have plenty of support.

I hope that you enjoy every minute of your DHs return and the chance to be a family at last.

thumbwitch Fri 25-Sep-09 01:31:50

hmm at the number of times I managed to incorporate the word "really" into my last post - sorry!blush

booyhoosboydoesntwearpants Fri 25-Sep-09 01:38:10

oh im definitely not happy with my figure. but i can live with that. i would hate to think he wasnt either though.

thumb your right, he's not home yet. there's still time to do something

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