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to think that the ecoli scare has been yet again blown out of proportion by the media..

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Squiglet Thu 24-Sep-09 23:01:07

Went to local farm, Longdown today and it was pretty much empty. Gorgeous sunny day and a handful of families and a preschool group. Was nice to have the place pretty much to ourselves but very for the people who run it. They have excellant handwashing facilities and have done so for as long as I recall. They are losing money in what is already a tight financial climate. Obviously the main news story and the farm involved must have issues due to the high numbers of cases, but this doesnt mean there are those issues at every farm.

Also this whole handwashing business is very important, but i was told of a couple who's 3 year old didnt wash hands after holding animal and when gently reminded the parents said that the child didnt need to. THe manager intervened as if they had then got something would have serious consequences.. the parents then sent the little one into loo to wash hands by herself, at 3? I mean ffs.

Also so many people dont wash their hands after going to loo or in hospitals visting sick relatives... Why on earth dont people just wash? Dont get it myself (sorry tangent rant there)

WindyShepherdHenderson Thu 24-Sep-09 23:08:14

It's common sense to wash your hands, sadly a lot of people appear to be clueless about this. Having said that, DD managed to ingest some goat slobber blush when she was little and she was fine.

Squiglet Thu 24-Sep-09 23:10:02

well you cant exactly alcogel their mouths out.. though the prisoners have been apparantly and getting pissed grin

Ds kissed a baby goat too.. he was fine grin

Everhopeful Thu 24-Sep-09 23:12:17

We've been to Godstone Farm lots of times - went during summer hols this year too! We washed our hands, we were fine. Yes, you have to watch the kids - the farm puts up loads of reminders everywhere and I feel dead sorry for them. This is shite.

ronshar Thu 24-Sep-09 23:13:57

I thought I was being harsh when I was shouting at the TV.

Having worked in a hospital I have seen visitors come out of toilets having not washed, then they sit on patients bed, eat their food, look through the notes! Nice. Spread your germs every where why dont you.

Is it another example of parents not taking responsiblity for their own/childrens behaviour?

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