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to be irritated y the checkout people who stop scanning my shopping and start skipping through my newspaper?

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juicychops Thu 24-Sep-09 18:23:53

it really annoys me and it has happened quite a lot recently. i dont mean a quick glance over the front or back pages, i mean an actual page turning 10-15 seconds look over. 10-15 seconds doesn't sound like much but when your standing there on the spot waiting for your shopping to be scanned its a long time, especially when there is a line of people waiting!

Astrid28 Thu 24-Sep-09 18:48:09

That happens to me too! Admittedly it is one checkout woman in particular who, like me, has a bit of a thing about the Branjenifer triangle. Every time i buy the National Enquirer blush she says the same thing: 'Ooh that'll be over soon. He's regretting leaving Jennifer now. I'll have him if they wont!'

But will he have you Carole???? [hmmm]

Astrid28 Thu 24-Sep-09 18:52:07

Oh but yes I do think YABU. It's only a few seconds and it gives us time to actually pack the mound of food that is scanned through at the speed of light!

Now THAT is often unreasonable!

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