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To think a *childrens'* hospital should have nappy changing facilities?

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Tee2072 Thu 24-Sep-09 08:09:10

So I spent Tuesday afternoon at A&E with my son, who is having a lump on his side evaluated. He is 15 weeks old.

There are four toilets in the A&E waiting area. One has a nappy changing table, the one that is marked 'mums'. Now, these are all 'one seaters' so no one really looks at if it says 'mums' or 'dads', they just look for a free one.

So AIBU to think that all 4 of them should have a changing table?!?!

BTW, neither of the toilets in the children's clinic have changing tables. Or the toilets in the main lobby. Its just ridiculous.

Yes, I am going to write a letter. grin

CornishKK Thu 24-Sep-09 08:17:15

YANBU. I think any facility specifically catering for children should have a pleasant changing room - preferably not in an adult toilet cubicle.

I take DS to a very nice cranial osteopath centre, lovely building, great facilities - nasty, nasty changing table that folds down so that you are in the way of the three, very smelly, cubicles. And it's set so high that I struggle with changing, being a sort ass. It smelt so bad in there last week I asked if I could change my baby in the corner of the treatment room as an alternative.

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