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To think that all public toilets should be open to all genders?

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SolidGoldBrass Wed 23-Sep-09 23:12:32

Ok slightly inspired by the swimming-pool changing thread - really, why does there have to be a separate establishment for male and female loos and one be up a flight of stairs or hard to find or whatever, when it would be perfectly reasonable to have just the one room with cubicles and maybe a few urinals? Surely people's need for privacy is satisfied by cubicles - am not advocating Roman style communal benches with holes in after all.

cornsilk Wed 23-Sep-09 23:13:14

Because men wee on the seat and do smelly poos.

littleducks Wed 23-Sep-09 23:14:44

So you dont get teenagers shagging in them, if its 'wrong' for men and women to be in one its clear when they are up to no good

and i really dont want to see blokes using urinals

QuintessentialShadow Wed 23-Sep-09 23:15:06

Have you SEEN a mens room, compared to ladies?

Come on? I cannot possibly wee in such filth.

Besides, men washes their hands PRIOR to urinating, not after, so as to have clean hands to handle their instrument.

<qs knows this, as she really is a male toilet attendant>

cornsilk Wed 23-Sep-09 23:15:42

And they fart.

QuintessentialShadow Wed 23-Sep-09 23:16:01

Oh, of course the op has seen a mens room, it is SGB, only noticed now. wink

SolidGoldBrass Wed 23-Sep-09 23:19:12

What, some of you think that women don't do smelly poos? And as to the shagging, well yes some people do get up to that in nightclub toilets but when there are fewer than 3 cubicles and a long queue, etiquette permits a lot of loud remarks outside and maybe a knock on the door. And as to seeing men at urinals, you won't be frightened into a fit of the vapours by the sight of an unfamiliar willy unless you have a BLOODY GOOD LOOK.

TrillianAstra Wed 23-Sep-09 23:19:53

Individual loos should be all genders.

Grouped loos are gender-separated so there can be urinals and no females (or their delicate children) need to see men wee.

If there were no urinals men would need to use cubicles, this takes longer, there would be fewer cubicles available and longer queues.

cornsilk Wed 23-Sep-09 23:20:09

Not in public toilets.

littleducks Wed 23-Sep-09 23:21:31

i was thinking teenagers shaggging more in the park/library/tesco toilets than nightclubs tbh

BitOfFun Wed 23-Sep-09 23:24:05

You could make all public loos portaloos. You'd have to be a proper pervert to want a shag in one of them.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Wed 23-Sep-09 23:27:02

Mens loos smell.

MmeLindt Wed 23-Sep-09 23:28:25

This is not uncommon here, the loos down at the lakeside are all unisex.

You just avert your eyes when walking past the urinals.

Saves long queues for the ladies.

fuzzywuzzy Wed 23-Sep-09 23:28:43

Ewww, I couldn't wee in a room filled with urinals. our work loos was shared whilst the ladies was being refurbished it was awful.

It was even worse when they refurbished the men toilets and the ladies was used by everyone, I walked into the ladies one morning to be faced by not one not two but three men leaving the cubicles whilst still pulling their trousers up...I'm traumatised I tell you, the worst thing was the look of accusation on their faces at me for having the audacity of being in what was essentially the ladies!!!!

Also cubicles with walls that don't go all the way up to the ceiling do not work well for mixed loos, as men stand to pee, and seeing a strange man looking at you when you go for a wee does not make for a relieving experience.

And men for some bizarre reason miss the toilet entirely and pee on the floor and/or the seat. Men's wee smells!!!!

NO NO NO it's just wrong!!!!

Our work toilets were refurbished last week, and there's now talk of more refurbishment and toilet sharing, I'm practising holding on!!!!

SolidGoldBrass Thu 24-Sep-09 00:05:20

Is it really only me who routinely uses the men's when the queue for the women's is too long? Quite a lot of women's loos are dirty and stinky, if they are not well-maintained after all.

QuintessentialShadow Thu 24-Sep-09 00:07:13

No, I use it too.
This is how I know how filthy they are, and that men wash their hands prior to urinating, and not after.

TAFKAtheUrbanDryad Thu 24-Sep-09 00:09:44


Noooooo. Men's toilets are stinky and they wee on the floor. My delicate eyes could not stand such a sight! wink

Can I just say, I hate the word "willy"? It's a penis, ladies! Say it loud......PENIS!

TheLadyEvenstar Thu 24-Sep-09 00:10:45

lmao i use them too thought i was alone.

QuintessentialShadow Thu 24-Sep-09 00:17:33

I cant say Penis without sniggering.

In my language it means Pretty Ice lolly. wink

SomeGuy Thu 24-Sep-09 02:14:54

You have to be careful in men's toilets because it is not at all uncommon for peeping toms to drill holes in the door or the dividing partition.

Next time you are in one, take a look. Sometimes the holes are stuffed up with bits of toilet paper, but they are there.

nooka Thu 24-Sep-09 04:57:40

I always thought that was for cottaging?

cornsilk Thu 24-Sep-09 05:43:18

Someguy - really? shock What kind of nutter carries a drill about?

diddl Thu 24-Sep-09 06:47:46

I also use the mens when there´s a queue at the womens.

Also, in shops "it´s not unusual" for women to be allowed to use the mens if there´s a queue-sometimes the urinals are screened off.

Also, mens & womens toilets are regularly cleaned, and there´s no reason for one to be dirtier/SMELLIER THAN THE OTHER1

HecatesTwopenceworth Thu 24-Sep-09 06:51:18

I wondered what those holes were!!! [naive emoticon]

Do you not think that making toilets unisex would stop that? No longer all male, but a place where your mum, sister or daughter might walk in...

However, those men who are a danger to women (am being very careful to put it like that cos the vast, vast majority of men are decent people who would piss and go!) would hide in these unisex toilets and wait for their chance! - but such kind of men do that anyway, in other places. sad but it would happen. unisex toilets - would they be as safe as the late night bus, or the deserted train carridge?

OTOH, someone can walk into a female loo with bad intentions. There's no armed guard. But, it does give you a feeling of safety. Maybe a false one if you think about it. But it's a consideration.

Then another thing is the decent enough bloke (or woman!) who gets tempted to have a peek grin just because he (or she!) can. how acceptable is that?

Then there's the STENCH!! Feck me, you can smell a men's bog a mile off <boak>

However, since public loos are as rare as hens teeth anyway, none of it really matters cos we're all pissing behind bushes these days!!

cornsilk Thu 24-Sep-09 18:28:46

I had to use a unisex toilet today and it was gross. There were piss splashes all round the toilet floor.

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