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to think that paying over 13 pounds per person to go to a museum is very expensive especially as we also have to pay parking charges on top!!

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welshone51 Wed 23-Sep-09 20:23:17

I went to a local open air Victorian museum yesterday as my husband had a day off work and it was my sons birthday. We went with a friend and her son who had been there before as a child. When we got there we realised we had to pay a couple of pounds for parking which we didnt mind too much until we realised that the museum itself cost us over 13 pounds to enter per adult.(If we had known this in advance we probably wouldnt have gone) We paid this expecting to have a very good day out and we were all very disappointed as the majority of things inside also had to be paid for and there wasnt many exhibitions considering it was a museum. We were literally in and out in a hour and a half. Am I expecting too much or do other people feel that 13.25 per adult is a lot of money considering the current financial climate- I am unsure whether to complain!!

sarah293 Wed 23-Sep-09 20:24:44

Message withdrawn

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