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Knickers0nmahead Wed 23-Sep-09 15:51:30

DD is at a stage where she doesn't want a nappy on. No problem with me, she can have it off in the house.

We live just up from the local j&i school. Anyway, I get a knock on the door and this woman said 'can you put a nappy on your kid, I don't want my kids seeing her bits when they walk past your house'

I stood like shock I told her if she wasn't being so bloody nosey looking through my window in the first place then she wouldn't even know she didn't have a nappy on. And that she should keep her rude nose out of it.

It wouldn't be so bad but the window is just a little higher than the top of her kids heads!!!

SqueezyCheese Wed 23-Sep-09 15:53:57

How fucking rude!!!!! shock Good job you sent her packing!


notgettinganyyounger Wed 23-Sep-09 15:54:00

YANBU - nosey old bint.

MuppetsMuggle Wed 23-Sep-09 15:54:34

shock Your right she shouldn't even be looking in your window, and what you do inside your house is your business and nobody elses

Stigaloid Wed 23-Sep-09 15:54:56

YANBU - what a nosey cow - how DARE she?

Mmmmcoffee Wed 23-Sep-09 15:55:10

God help you in the summer, if your dd runs round the garden with no nappy on this woman will probably call the police cos she saw a streaker!

She has no business asking you to do that. Or looking in your window.

differentID Wed 23-Sep-09 15:55:38

Well said Knickers. What a nosy cow!

franklymydear Wed 23-Sep-09 15:56:29

That didn't happen

oldraver Wed 23-Sep-09 15:57:19

I would of asked her what she was doing looking through the window at your naked daughter

Knickers0nmahead Wed 23-Sep-09 15:57:23


famishedass Wed 23-Sep-09 15:57:40


If someone did that to me I'd make sure I was cleaning my living room windows stark bollock naked next time she walks past.

Knickers0nmahead Wed 23-Sep-09 15:58:49

Frankly, are you her ?

<narrows eyes>

hullygully Wed 23-Sep-09 15:59:56

No way.

If it is true a) kill her or b) walk around naked yourself.

famishedass Wed 23-Sep-09 16:00:30

Frankly, Knickers is a regular, why would she invent a story?

Knickers0nmahead Wed 23-Sep-09 16:01:20

I swear on anything you want Hully, t'was true. I can't actually believe it myself.

BitOfFun Wed 23-Sep-09 16:01:46

b) might create sufficient shock to bring about a) in my house, hullygully...

hullygully Wed 23-Sep-09 16:02:14

But she CAN'T have done.

ILoveStripeySocks Wed 23-Sep-09 16:02:57

whats a j&i school?

Wow, what a nosey interfering old bint!

Knickers0nmahead Wed 23-Sep-09 16:03:16

Why not?

Knickers0nmahead Wed 23-Sep-09 16:03:44

Junior and Infant

notgettinganyyounger Wed 23-Sep-09 16:03:50

What didn't happen Frankly????

Where you there? hmm

AboardtheAxiom Wed 23-Sep-09 16:03:58

shock weirdo grin

Knickers0nmahead Wed 23-Sep-09 16:04:14

I think Frankly is her wink

AboardtheAxiom Wed 23-Sep-09 16:04:33

posted your parcel this aft BTW knickers

franklymydear Wed 23-Sep-09 16:05:14

somebody walked past your house

stared in your window for long enough to spot a kid with a bare bum

knocked on your door to complain

I simply don't believe that would happen

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