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to be annoyed for driving 60 miles for nothing?

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Mmmmcoffee Wed 23-Sep-09 00:27:05

My friend who's temporarily a single mum just started her new job, and I got a call from her 13yo daughter's school yesterday saying she was sick and could I pick her up. I dropped everything and drove 45 minutes and 30 miles, only to find out they'd cooked lamb in their cookery class and she can't stand the smell, she said she felt sick and so they called me. I really don't mind helping out but honestly, I was Not Happyangry. I got a quick "sorry" by text and haven't heard from her since.

groundhogs Wed 23-Sep-09 00:38:33

YANBU, for sure... what to do about it though? A sorry text doesn't cut it really at all.

I rather feel that you ought to call your friend and have a proper, calm and adult conversation about this. Stating that the whole thing was a heck of an abuse of your time, your trust etc, and that it should never have got to that.

She then needs to have a strong word with her DD and that DD needs to call you herself and wholeheartedly apologise.

The school kinda wants a good pasting tho somehow... for falling for that nonsense!

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