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To think the supermarket should've checked my damn age?

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fedupintheoffice Tue 22-Sep-09 17:08:55

A few days ago, I purchased an over 15's classified DVD. I scanned it through on the self-serve machines and not once did anyone come over to check how old I was and the machine didn't say anything or stop the sale. I was quite angry. Was IBU?

LadyGlencoraPalliser Tue 22-Sep-09 17:14:52

I thought you couldn't use one of those self-serve tills without a credit or debit card? Which an U-15 would not have.

bigchris Tue 22-Sep-09 17:15:57

they probably glanced at you to make sure you werent a child with someone's card

Disenchanted3 Tue 22-Sep-09 17:16:16

YABU, You probably look 87 grin

Tidey Tue 22-Sep-09 17:17:12

I do see what you mean, as far as I know, on the normal checkouts they have to press a button to confirm age on certain products and apparently the self service ones don't do it, and they should. Might cause quite a problem if a ten year old can go in and buy themselves a bottle of vodka or something.

Uusually the self service checkouts have several people milling about helping people when the systems go mental and say 'Please remove the last item from the bag' 'Please put the item in the bag' over and over again. Funny nothing comes up for age restricted products though hmm

Tidey Tue 22-Sep-09 17:17:55

Self service tills accept cash as well as cards, LGP.

fedupintheoffice Tue 22-Sep-09 17:18:10

Thanks for your replies but you can use cash on these ones, loads of young teens love to use them. I didn't see anyone on the main terminal (which shows what each customer is purchasing).

LadyGlencoraPalliser Tue 22-Sep-09 17:18:55

Oh do they? How does that work then?
<<old gimmer emoticon>>

beaniesinthebucketagain Tue 22-Sep-09 17:19:19

our tesco and asda ones do, ive had someone come over when ive brought calpol!

fedupintheoffice Tue 22-Sep-09 17:20:14

p.s. the dvd was borat blush

Itsjustafleshwound Tue 22-Sep-09 17:20:41

But the self checkouts at our local Sainsbos does require an age check on products ( I was buying some Panadol - honest!!) ... and you can pay with card or cash

Tidey Tue 22-Sep-09 17:21:04

There's a kind of round pot thing for coins that then drop through to be identified, and a grabby slot for notes.

I'm dead technical me.

TheBalladofGayTony Tue 22-Sep-09 17:21:05

sounds like you are looking for things to get cross about. there much worse things in the world

suwoo Tue 22-Sep-09 17:22:06

The self service till in my Asda won't let you buy DVD'S at all. An assistant has to put their code in.

Coca Tue 22-Sep-09 17:22:40

They sometimes have a remote till operated by staff that confirm your age. When they are paying attention you shouldn't notice.

fedupintheoffice Tue 22-Sep-09 17:22:57

but what if it wasn't borat, TBOGT, and a violent, terrifier and it was your 12 yr old purchasing it?

TheBalladofGayTony Tue 22-Sep-09 17:24:03

nah my 12 year old wouldn't have enought money left over after buying booze and fags.

fedupintheoffice Tue 22-Sep-09 17:26:36

I'll give your pre-teen a swift kick up the arse then. That'll sort em!

RumourOfAHurricane Tue 22-Sep-09 17:27:21

Message withdrawn

fedupintheoffice Tue 22-Sep-09 17:28:55

....obviously not

CommonNortherner Tue 22-Sep-09 17:40:04

Self-serve machines have scanners in them which determine your age...

StealthPolarBear Tue 22-Sep-09 17:47:04

thay have fingerprint readers, the last time you successfully bought an age restricted item from the normal tills yourr fingerprints were added to their "whitelist" database

Tidey Tue 22-Sep-09 17:50:24

That's not really true is it? <extremely gullible> shock I'm only just coming to terms with the idea that Nectar cards are only there for free market research, rather than supermarkets being nice by giving you money off stuff!

StealthPolarBear Tue 22-Sep-09 17:51:54

no am bored so thought I'd start a conspiracy

Tidey Tue 22-Sep-09 17:56:55

I'm always going to wonder about that now, SPB. I quite liked the self service tills in Morrisons, but I shall think twice about using them from now on grin

Mind you, they're better than being faced with a miserable looking teen who scans every item with a heavy sigh and asks 'Do you need help with your packing?' with an air of grim disapproval.

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