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to be annoyed with the people in my building who always take the lift up to/down from 1st floor?

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Bleh Tue 22-Sep-09 12:53:39

I mean, come on. We're talking healthy men and women in the pime of their lives, no pregnant women, no people in wheel chairs. It really annoys me, especially in the morning when it's really crowded and you have to wait to go an extra floor because they can't be bothered to go up one flight of stairs.

Portofino Tue 22-Sep-09 12:57:34

Ooh they're the same here. It is annoying!

WhereYouLeftIt Tue 22-Sep-09 12:59:08

What floor are you going to?

sarah293 Tue 22-Sep-09 13:00:01

Message withdrawn

Bleh Tue 22-Sep-09 13:04:19

3rd. I know that's kind of in the leazy category, but taking a lift to and from the first floor? Insanity. Especially the going down bit.

Bleh Tue 22-Sep-09 13:04:33

lazy. I don't know what leazy is

ChunkyMonkeysMum Tue 22-Sep-09 13:05:02

Different situation but same problem....

.....This really annoys me in our local shopping centre. There are only 4 floors in total, 2 for shopping and 2 are car parks. There are 2 lifts, but there are escalators too. It really winds me up when people who are too lazy to walk the extra bit further to go up the escaltors, don't bother and use the lift whilst I am standing there waiting for a lift because I have a bloody buggy and am not allowed to take the buggy on the escaltors !!!

ChunkyMonkeysMum Tue 22-Sep-09 13:05:32

oops, escalators !! blush

Bleh Tue 22-Sep-09 13:06:54

There should be universally recognised rules for this sort of thing.

Priority on lifts: people with wheelchairs/pushchairs, old people, pregnant women then those going to the top floor ... last in the pecking order is healthy 20 and 30 odd year olds going to the first floor.

hunlet Tue 22-Sep-09 13:08:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Meglet Tue 22-Sep-09 13:12:17

Yanbu. I cannot bear people who are probably able to use the stairs but get the lift. If I don't have the buggy its stairs all the time, even if that means I have to wander to a far flung corner of the shop to get to the stair well. I am a bit of an exercise freak though blush.

I park at the far corner of car parks too, that way there's space to get the dc's out and I get some exercise.

Meglet Tue 22-Sep-09 13:14:52

And don't get me started on hoards of teenage girls using the lift angry. I know I'm going to open my big mouth and say something to them one day.

WhereYouLeftIt Tue 22-Sep-09 13:19:15

Is it an office building you're talking about? I sometimes find that this type of building has nice lifts, but the stairs are poured concrete with utilitarian steel handrails and industrial lighting. These stairwells almost radiate "I am a service area and unless you're the janitor or it's a fire drill, you're not meant to be here". I used to work in a converted building with unattractive utilitarian lifts and more people used the stairs there than in other buildings I've been in. Yes, there's laziness involved, but there's a subtle disincentive in the design of a lot of buildings to using the stairs. You feel subconsciously more drawn to the lifts because they've been made 'nicer' than the stairs.

Bleh Tue 22-Sep-09 13:24:06

It is an office building. The stairs are as nice as the lifts are. They're just lazy. Will tut and roll eyes at them later.

GivePeasAChance Tue 22-Sep-09 13:25:41

I do it. I can't be arsed walking up the stairs. So I get the lift. <whatever emoticon>

sarah293 Tue 22-Sep-09 13:25:46

Message withdrawn

Weegle Tue 22-Sep-09 13:32:04

When I'm not on my crutches, or in my wheelchair (so not often at the moment) then although I look like a very slow moving adult, I look like a normal fit (ish) 30 year old. But I wouldn't be able to manage a flight of stairs without being in agony... so I know it's probably not the case with all these people, but looks don't always tell the whole story. But yes I suspect most are just lazy wotsits grin

justanothertenminutes Tue 22-Sep-09 13:49:19

Argggghhhh - same where i work, even on the way down the lift stops on the 1st floor to pick them up & if the lift is full they stand there like lemons and say "oh dear, it's ok we will wait for the next one" which in that place can be some time.

drainedbrain Tue 22-Sep-09 13:51:33

Yes some people are lazy.

But you can't always tell who is dsiabled and has difficulty with stairs.

When I've had a seizure my whole body aches for days and I don't want any more physical effort than necessary.

So judge all you want but keep your tuts to yourself. I get really sick of people rolling their eyes etc when I get disability fares because I don't look disabled enough. It is the same sort of thing.

drainedbrain Tue 22-Sep-09 13:52:08

disabled obv

tallulahbelly Tue 22-Sep-09 13:58:13

I hate this but I've never been brave enough to say anything. Unlike a friend who without fail used to shout after the person: 'That's why you're fat.'

No one ever retaliated but I started walking up four floors to my office if ever I saw him waiting at the lift because I couldn't bear the confrontation.

overmydeadbody Tue 22-Sep-09 13:58:21

I live in a block of flats and the people on the first and second floors seem to only use the lifts. In fact, it seems almostr all the residents opt to use the lift rather than the stairs.

Sheer laziness.

Elk Tue 22-Sep-09 13:59:03

When I worked (in the dim and distant past) I always used the stairs rather than the lift, it was a 2 storey building. Most of the people I worked with thought I was nuts. As I worked in an office I used it as an opportunity to stretch my legs and get a bit of exercise. I view myself as one of the laziest people around.

Romanarama Tue 22-Sep-09 14:02:08

Like Whereyouleftit, I at least partly blame architects. The population would probably be a bit less podgy if buildings all had lovely big stairwells in the entrance, and the lift was behind or to the side so that taking the stairs seemed a more obvious choice for those that can.

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