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to say something myself to dd's friend?

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onthepier Sun 20-Sep-09 17:59:08

My dd's friend who is lovely and charming on the outside, seems to have a bit of sneaky side to her which I don't like.

For instance, last weekend she told my dd she was going out with her parents, but was crying as she'd apparently asked them if my dd could go too and they'd said no. I didn't think anything of it when my dd told me, I just said that it's obviously a family day out and left it at that. My dd didn't even seem upset.

Anway, a bit later I had a call from my friend, feeling she needed to explain the reasons why she couldn't take my dd, (was meeting up with another family). I was absolutely fine about it but apparently her dd had said how upset my daughter was.shock She wasn't, it wasn't really her sort of place anyway!

Yesterday I bumped into my friend in town. She said what a rush this weekend was as they were going to be out for most of it, (so were we).

Anyway, I got home and my daughter had just had a text from this friend's dd, asking if she could come to our house this afternoon. My dd asked me, I was a bit surprised as I thought they were going out, but said yes she could come. My dd texted back and sure enough I had another phone call from my friend, surprised that my daughter had "invited" her dd round, as we knew they were going out. Her dd was apparently worried about mine being upset if the answer was no!

My friend was very annoyed when I said the original text had come from her dd to mine, actually ASKING if she could come to us! She said she knows she's not allowed to invite herself to people's houses without consulting her mum first, and was going to tell her off.

That's fine, at least her mum knows what she's been up to, but I hate the thought of her dd making out that it's mine pestering all the time when it's really not! My dd is just as happy with us and her brother as she is with friends, but this little girl just expects to have a friend with her all the time, and lies to her mum so it doesn't look as if she's the one pestering!

The children are 10, btw.

mrsruffallo Sun 20-Sep-09 18:01:37

She sounds quite manipulative. Just say no to everything for a while

OrangeFish Sun 20-Sep-09 18:03:59

Puff... at least the mother believed you. That's a good start, and perhaps the telling off will help to sort the situation.

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