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to think a 6 year old spitting on my DS hair is wrong

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SingleMum01 Sun 20-Sep-09 15:23:23

Please give me some advise. My DS has known this child since nursery - sometimes they are the best of friends and the 6 year old is nice to my DS, then other times he is vile to my DS. Its been going on for years, initially verbally, ie, telling him his best mate wasn't his friend any more. Then the end of last year literally smacking him on the face (there were 3 separate occasions of this before I finally went to the school about it - the parents knew about it but didn't deal with it).

My DS is a quiet non-violent boy (although I don't see what happens in the playground and I imagine he will stand up for himself) and I know they're not angels all the time. I tell my DS to stay away from the other boy if he's not being nice and reiterate what's right and wrong in playing. I don't want my DS to pick up this bad behaviour, although he still wants to play with this boy.

What do I do?

posieparker Sun 20-Sep-09 15:31:02

mmm... well don't be too sure of what goes on in the playground. My DS (7) is very aggressive with his brother (6) but I have seen him be pushed around by other boys. My ideal is what my 6 yr old does:

HB (horrid boy): look at ds2 he's got girly shoes
DS2: I'm ignoring you because you're silly

HB: pushes ds2 very hard
DS2: If you do that again I'll wait until coach isn't looking and punch you hard, okay?
HB: okay and stops

So DS2 stood up for himself without being violent.

I would encourage other friendships and given a choice I'm sure your ds will find other friends. You could also ask the school when they mix up classes in yr3 or group work throughout all years that your ds is kept away from this boy.

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