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in space no-one can hear you scream ... ...AAAGGGHHH - ranting into the void

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rainbowrosie Sun 20-Sep-09 09:17:29

Today i have officially hit the bottom of patience, tolerance, reasonablness and i just feel irksom, angry, actually RAging that my life is all about solo parenting at the moment as my partners shifts are all over the place, night shifts, back shifts (1pm-10pm), weekend shifts

in fact he is just now working his 7th weekend in the row - having just come off a 7 week Residential course

so away for 7 weeks when our wee baby was very small....

I know he feels it too

and the kicker is its for a great job in the ambulance service helping save lives AAAAGGGH...


My main source of frustration is i cannot get into any exercise routine ..

My main source of frustration is that i simply have to adapt each fucking week as we only get a weeks notice of next weeks shift

So i am grumpy as i still have baby weight
I am grumpy as i am not getting any endorphin kicks
I am grumpy as i cannot get time to get legs waxed
I am grumpy as we cannot organise anything socially together
I feel isolated, angry, and lost all sense of humour

but actually typing this is making me feel better

I know i have to get on with it

I know i will get on with it

I know balance will be restored to universe

but just gonna scream once more AAAGGHH

Merci beaucoup for listening

BouncingTurtle Sun 20-Sep-09 09:29:26

I am listening!

Sounds really tough!! I think for now you will have to work things out around you and your baby! How old is he/she?

Prinpo Sun 20-Sep-09 09:34:46

The void speaks back...

You're right to rage, keep on raging because it shows you still care enough about yourself to want to get your legs waxed and do some exercise. I don't know if it helps but remember that you are not alone, there's a whole army of super-intelligent and utterly gorgeous women who spend their days cleaning up pureed spinach, wiping bottoms and doing the washing. But, hey, we know it won't last forever. Our time will come again. Until then, scream and rage because it can be bloody crap at times.

(Don't know if you're bfeeding but if not then could you do a childcare swap with another parent to give yourself a couple of sessions a week?)

pooexplosions Sun 20-Sep-09 12:18:27

I feel your pain. I wish we got a weeks notice of DH's shifts though, I get about 12 hours notice, if I'm lucky. He worked yesterday, and today, and tomorrow, and its a feckin bitch spending your weekends like a single parent, never able to plan anything, having days off on a bloody wednesday when the eldest is in school and you can't do anything or go anywhere......angry

You are not alone, is my point. But its a job innit? Better than standing in the dole line and having all that free time....wink

rainbowrosie Sun 20-Sep-09 13:35:30

thank you so much for hearing me....i went to bed at lunch and had a nap to try and put myself in a better mood like our wee baby

i think i am just going to pick up the phone and hang out with another mum this afternoon and just rant over a cup of tea

it made a big difference typing this

and as the motto says i shall keep calm and carry on

maybe try some self waxing ha ha ha! that WILL be painful


Prinpo Sun 20-Sep-09 20:20:17

Keep calm and carry on - definitely. There is, however, another poster in the same style which says "Bloody Hell, We're All Buggered". Both work for me, depending on which mood I'm in. wink

Hope you had a good afternoon. Glad you ranted, much better than stiff upper lip.

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