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to buy all of my female relatives copies of "Bad Science" for Christmas?

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AvrilH Sat 19-Sep-09 13:13:11

I am sick and tired of them wittering on about the importance of "superfood", omega 3, manuka honey, homeopathy and whatever nonsense is being spouted by charlatans like Gillian McKeith.

So I am pondering Ben Goldacre's book (which I have not read myself) as an antidote. And out of curiosity as to how they take it... From reading his column I am assuming that they might at least learn what evidence means. The worst that can happen is that it will be like when they buy me books by self-styled experts and it will be passed on unread to a charity shop.


beaniesinthebucketagain Sat 19-Sep-09 13:14:21

grin hehe go for it, yanbu, but then i hate gillian mckeith

weegiemum Sat 19-Sep-09 13:15:20


Ben Goldacre ROCKS!

goingslowlyroundthebend Sat 19-Sep-09 13:25:55

That book is the best. Have re-read it so often. Feel bonkers for having believed the shite that I have been sold so often.
It really is a laugh out loud book, well written and lots of common sense!

BitOfFun Sat 19-Sep-09 13:26:51

He is marvellous, and yy, you should get them the book for sure- it is superb!

You could also recommend How Mumbo Jumbo Conquered The World,

and the brilliant Suckers: How Alternative Medicine Makes Fools of Us All, to to ram the point home grin

HappyMummyOfOne Sat 19-Sep-09 13:30:01

Its £3.60 on Amazon so cheap enough as a present of this nature.

AvrilH Sat 19-Sep-09 13:35:01

grin At £3.60, I'll even order a copy for myself!

kreecherlivesupstairs Sat 19-Sep-09 15:28:01

I am going to get this for my ME suffering sister in law, YANBU. A lot of the cultural references pass me by, we don't get c4 and I think that is where 'Dr' McKeith peddles her nonsense, but it is a very good book.

Snorbs Sat 19-Sep-09 15:46:04

Everybody should read it. It's fab.

LeonieSoSleepy Sat 19-Sep-09 15:47:54

Message withdrawn

diddl Sat 19-Sep-09 15:48:05

Perhaps a book on how to make uptheir own minds and not be drawn into every "fad" going?

pooexplosions Sat 19-Sep-09 17:23:12

Dangerous at best re Vax? hmm or voice of reason amongst the conspiracy theorists and amauteur armchair decide....

OrmIrian Sat 19-Sep-09 17:25:05

Never heard of it but it sounds good. Think it would suit my dad for christmas - he would chortle!

UnquietDad Sat 19-Sep-09 17:32:15

Oh, yes, definitely. While you are at it, get one for all the woo-mongers on here too!

Is it mainly your female relatives who fall for it?

I've always wondered whether more women than men are susceptible to all this crystal healing shit. I'm prepared to concede that may be a little bit sexist of me, but it's just that I don't know many blokes who are into it. If, indeed, any.

notevenamousie Sat 19-Sep-09 17:32:56

It's a well written book. Go for it!

diddl Sat 19-Sep-09 17:34:42

I don´t know about this book, but is Ben Goldacre trying to push his opinions just as much as others?

BitOfFun Sat 19-Sep-09 17:36:03

UQD, when I saw this thread, I thought of you!

alwayslookingforanswers Sat 19-Sep-09 17:36:40

diddl - yes he's just as bonkers - just in the opposite direction.

BitOfFun Sat 19-Sep-09 17:37:27

Diddl, there are opinions in it, yes. And, er, facts smile

UnquietDad Sat 19-Sep-09 17:38:00

I know, he's so unreasonable - he will insist on finding evidence for things and disbelieving all the stuff which is patently made up and exists only in people's heads. Some men are like that. Best steer clear of them...

moondog Sat 19-Sep-09 17:38:39

Ooh, I think approx. 90% of this country need to read it.
I had to have a long conversation with someone today who told me she was a reiki healer.
You can imagine how difficult it was for me to keep a straight face and supress urge to cackle hysterically and say 'Don't talk such complete shit you silly cow!'

hulahoopyfingers Sat 19-Sep-09 17:38:46

TBH I would think you need a good science book if you think superfoods should be lumped in with homeopathy and crystal healing

tummytickler Sat 19-Sep-09 17:38:59

Thanks - you have solved my 'what to buy mother for Christmas' problem - she believes any old nonsense she reads! maybe this will cure her!

moondog Sat 19-Sep-09 17:39:02

V good UQD

alwayslookingforanswers Sat 19-Sep-09 17:39:16

well I'm sure there are just as many people can prove his "facts" right as there that can prove them wrong.

What a simple life we'd lead if everything was so black and white with a "yes" or "no" answer.

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