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To be annoyed when people keep telling me that the worst is yet to come?

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poshsinglemum Sat 19-Sep-09 02:45:46

DD is one and a delight but like all small children she's very hard work. Getting into everything etc which is a good sign of natural curiosity.
I phoned up my uncle and he started banging on about how it hadn't even started yet and it would get so much harder when she is two. He went on to tell me about his little tear away grandson. I know that the terrible twos will be tough but do people really need to relish in telling me how difficult my life is going to be?

poshsinglemum Sat 19-Sep-09 02:46:34

dd is 15 months old btw.

ShrimpOnTheBarbie Sat 19-Sep-09 02:55:43

I don't agree at all. I've found my toddler has got easier and easier as she has been able to communicate more. She is almost 3. We have our challenging times but I find it much easier (and more enjoyable) to parent a toddler than a baby.

alwayslookingforanswers Sat 19-Sep-09 02:57:15

I'm onto my 3rd toddler now (he's 2 1/4) - and I have to say i've found toddler hood the hardest part so far (others are currently 5 and 9)...........

OldLadyKnowsNothing Sat 19-Sep-09 03:40:55

With threads like these, I always think about the other side; "Why did no-one tell me how hard it would be?" (That applies to pregnancy/childbirth/infants/toddlers/raising the little darlings/the teen years/children leaving home/getting married/breeding themselves...)

The thing is, it's true; would you rather be forewarned (and so forearmed) or left in blissful ignorance?

If the latter, block your ears and sing "la la la". grin But I'd wonder why you're here.

Won't make any difference to your future experience either way.

[mother of two adults and granny to one infant emoticon]

All in all, enjoy what you have, rather than dreading the future.

Because the future will happen anyway.

nooka Sat 19-Sep-09 05:43:16

I found my children got more fun to be with as they grew older. Sure there were tantrums in toddlerdom, but at the same time their personalities were really starting to come through, and they begin to talk and gain more independence. In any case different children are difficult at different stages, and I think a lot depends on the personalities of both child and parent, and your personal circumstances too. My dd wasn't really terrible in her twos at all, but she was a very difficult baby. ds was a very easy baby and a very feisty toddler. I think there are lots of swings and roundabouts really, but in general things get gradually easier as they get older (with a few blips along the way of course, especially around the teens!).

cat64 Sat 19-Sep-09 07:10:48

Message withdrawn

mrsgboring Sat 19-Sep-09 07:17:44

another species of one person trying to lord it over another imo. you don't have to deal with all aspects of parenting at once thank god

LittleMissNosey Sat 19-Sep-09 07:25:56

I think cat64 nailed it there perfectly.

I love the new baby stage but hated the 10 - 14 month stage where dd was really frustrated as she couldn't walk or comminucate and was consequently very hard work. Now she is 22 months and like a different child. She has the odd tantrum (usually when tired) but she can walk, comminuncate and is a lot happier, which makes her fun to be around.

Every adult and every child is different. Who knows what you will enjoy or struggle with? When it gets hard just think 'it's only a phase' and savour every good day because one thing is for definite, it flies by!

Goblinchild Sat 19-Sep-09 07:47:10

'When exhausted from no sleep, and dealing with tantrums, I used to find people said "You wait until they're teenagers" quite a lot grin'

I love having teenagers, they sleep like a dream, can get themselves too and from most places unaccompanied, do the washing up and hoovering and can be sent out when you are short of milk or bread.
They are also much more interesting to talk to for extended periods of time, and you can have proper discussions.
Every stage has different joys and challenges, it's having a mixture heavy on the good stuff that keeps you sane.

piscesmoon Sat 19-Sep-09 07:57:30

I agree with Goblinchild-everystage has different joys and challenges. Just enjoy them-they pass so quickly,and don't worry about what is to come. You always get the good with the bad at all stages.

FlamingoDuBeke Sat 19-Sep-09 08:04:17

People are very negative about children in general. I find it very sad because actually there are such wonderful things about children too!

IME, it doesn't get any easier or any more difficult, it just gets different, and the parents' challenge is to find ways to ensure the good outweighs the bad so you're not totally fed up all the time!

Toddlers are just gorgeous - totally cute and funny and lovely. They're doubly cute to make up for how doubly horrible they can be too IMO. Just a shame people have to focus on the negative sad

izzybiz Sat 19-Sep-09 08:09:16

Every child is different, so everyone will find different stages difficult.
At the moment my children are nearly 17, 5 and 1.

Personally I have found newborns the "easiest" stage!

My eldest (Ds) is a lovely boy, he has had his moments in the past, and still gets stroppy sometimes but overall is a dream.

My 5yo (Dd) is bar far my hardest at the moment! She is a stroppy know it all!!

My youngest (Ds2) is hard at the moment as I need eyes in my a"^e! wink He is just starting to walk, can climb anywhere so is hard work that way!

I second Picesmoon, just try and enjoy every minute, it really does go so very fast and before you know it she will be off having her own "stages" with her children!!!!grin

piscesmoon Sat 19-Sep-09 08:12:21

You blink and it has gone!!
I think that the negative people don't tend to like DCs. There seem to be a lot of people who only like their own! I like children in general. Teenagers can seem off putting, but are often lovely when you get to know them as individuals!

TheProvincialLady Sat 19-Sep-09 08:18:47

Next time he starts, say "Ah you are 50 now? Just wait till you are 55 and your prostate goes, THEN you'll know how hard your 50s are, and don't even get me started on how senile you get."

Asana Sat 19-Sep-09 10:20:32

PMSL @ TPL grin

LittleMissMummy Sat 19-Sep-09 10:24:44

I get that quite a lot too. DD is 4 months and when we are out and about and people stop to look/'chat' to her they say, 'oh enjoy it just now, they get worse!' - I just normally smile and nod - not really sure what to say to it tbh !!

alwayslookingforanswers Sat 19-Sep-09 10:28:36

oh Goblin - I haven't waited until I have teenagers to send them out to get bread and milk. DS1 has been going for 2yrs now (he's just turned 9).

Once I'm up to it I'm going to start training him to pop to Morrisons (about 10 minutes walk) so he can get bits not available at the local shop grin

Rindercella Sat 19-Sep-09 10:30:20

DD is now 2 years old...I personally found her first 12 months the hardest thing I have ever done. She was a brilliant baby, but it was the sleep deprivation more than anything that I found so wearing.

I think you've got the best times to come...when they start communicating properly with you, then chatting away, it's bloody fantastic! Sure, there will be trying times, but you'll get through them.

And PMSL ProvincialLady grin

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