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to want to cry at my own incompetence

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Barrelofloves Fri 18-Sep-09 14:52:51

Got some ducklings and dc overjoyed to have a pet to look after.

Could not afford the £100s needed for a proper poultry house and run but got a poultry arc with run built in secondhand which I then reinforced with some DIY.

Dc excitedly went to feed and water ducklings this morning only to find a wooden panel
chewed and broken into, blood and feathers, no ducklings.

They went to school so upset.

Do I give up on the idea or is there a fox proof alternative which does not cost the earth?

I grew up with farm animals and so want my dc to experience a bit of it.

I'm so sad my DIY wasn't better. Dh is not practical and have no one else to ask.

2kidzandi Fri 18-Sep-09 15:13:55


I'm a single parent and rubbish at DIY (I even managed to put up a dado rail in my kitchen and hallway the wrong way round smile) DCs must be very disppointed but at least you tried! I'd love to keep chickens but can't afford it at this moment either. There's a keeping chicken thread on mumsnet. I'm sure they'll have a few ideas on how to put a poultry house together there.

LaurieFairyCake Fri 18-Sep-09 15:22:27

Poor you and the kids sad

No, foxes are wily bastards who will get at their tea any way they can. I have an eglu which was brilliant at keeping foxes out.

I wouldn't try again til you can afford an eglu or electric bloody fence - there's an article by Clarkson where he had to go to fairly extreme lengths to keep his chooks safe.

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