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to wonder why dss are not allowed to wear vests at shool on PE days???

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moffat Thu 17-Sep-09 20:51:55

Both dss (in Years 1 and 2) came home today and said their teachers had said they were not to wear vests on days when they have PE. This does not make sense to me. They are both susceptible to coughs and colds, and to not wearing their jumpers/coats at playtime, and with winter approaching obviously the chances of catching a chill are much higher.

Firawla Thu 17-Sep-09 20:53:50

yanbu how weird, i would ask teacher the reason and send them in a vest anyway if you are worried about catching cold and feel they need it

moffat Thu 17-Sep-09 20:56:12

thanks Firawla - on top of that we keep getting messages about the need for good attendance (that was the only problem area in the latest Ofsted report).

Tombliboobs Thu 17-Sep-09 21:02:55


I have no idea why they aren't allowed to wear vests, never heard of this before.

Go in and ask.

dogonpoints Thu 17-Sep-09 21:04:09

Wearing a vest does not make you any less likely to catch a cold.

Tombliboobs Thu 17-Sep-09 21:08:17

OMG, and there I was believing my mum for all these years.... wink

booyhoo Thu 17-Sep-09 21:19:27

even so, its a strange rule

hocuspontas Thu 17-Sep-09 21:23:05

I think I'd get this confirmed from their teachers - it's possible they both misheard. Seems illogical otherwise - I mean, who cares what underwear they wear?

moffat Thu 17-Sep-09 21:23:53

but they do get cold nevertheless - they just won't wear coats and jumpers unless I forcibly make them, will have to speak to the school about this.

moffat Thu 17-Sep-09 21:26:06

yes hocuspontas they may have garbled the message but ds1 is notoriously bad at relaying any kind of info and he actually insisted that this is what she said. And strange that ds2 said the same thing - may be a new school policy but it is bizarre. The only thing I can think of is that they may get too warm while running around.

2rebecca Thu 17-Sep-09 22:41:52

Does anyone over 3 wear vests these days? Sounds very Victorian.
Mine stopped wearing vests when they stopped needing them to hold their nappies on.
They are allowed to wear far more clothes than I ever was for PE.
A ban on vests does seem odd though. I can't think of a sensible reason for this.

2rebecca Thu 17-Sep-09 22:43:49

If indoor PE I suppose a vest and t shirt would be overkill and teacher is maybe worried they'll lose/ forget to put on the vest afterwards.
A vest isn't a jumper substitute though.

lilacclaire Thu 17-Sep-09 22:50:17

Teacher worried about them getting too hot running around perhaps?

Hando Thu 17-Sep-09 22:54:21

I think they probably misheard. Check tomorrow though.

My dd (5) came out of school with her pe top on today - no school polo or school jumper. I asked her teacher if she'd got messy (was thinking paint or lunch etc) and she said "oh no, she must have forgotten to change back into her uniform after pe). I was like hmm surely she could have been told to change by the teacher?!?

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