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To just give up and go to bed NOW

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Littlepurpleprincess Thu 17-Sep-09 16:53:57

DS is in his room crying for no apparent room and DP keeps snapping at me, the most recent reason being "your dad still hasn't fixed that carpet". My fault?!

DS has a horrible cold and won't stop crapping my floor.

In the time it'staken me to type this he has weed on the floor 4 times! why? wtf?

diddl Thu 17-Sep-09 16:55:44

How old is he?

I often find when I have a cold I need to wee more & get there straight away!

LittleHarrysMum Thu 17-Sep-09 16:59:56

YABU!!! Open some wine instead wink

Tell DP to sort DS out and enjoy some peace and quiet!!

Easier said than done I know! I have just taken a sip from my first glass of wine blush and am waiting for DH to get home and relieve me of the snotty, grumpy, overtired buggers kids grin

My thoughts are with you xx

PeedOffWithNits Thu 17-Sep-09 17:15:30

he may well have a UTI, weeing that often is not normal

PeedOffWithNits Thu 17-Sep-09 17:16:29

sudden excessive weeing in children is also one of the first signs of diabetes

Littlepurpleprincess Fri 18-Sep-09 18:46:35

Thankyou for the posts. The sudden, constant weeing suddenly stopped. I think he was over tired and poorly, and it was his way getting some attention.

DP read my post blush. He did actually apologise and then I drank much wine. Was just one of those days.

Coincedently, today has been just as crap. DS woke up in the same horrible mood and has been like it all day. Thank god for pre-school! 3 hours of peace and quiet!

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