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to think sainsburys are a bit over eager!?

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milknosugarplease Wed 16-Sep-09 10:42:46

popped into sainsburys yesterday and went down the seasonal goods aisle....flipping advent calanders!! full range of advents calanders and other xmas xhoxs (xmas tree decorations, sants shaped choc)...all the halloween stuff was shoved to the corner of the aisle!

i swear it gets earlier each bloody year!!!

sorry, was quite shocked about this!

milk xx

nancy75 Wed 16-Sep-09 10:43:41

m&s have got a big xmas depr in my local one. cards wrapping paper, decorations the lot!

ginnny Wed 16-Sep-09 10:44:13

I saw Christmas cards on sale back at the end of August shock
They'll be selling it all year round before long. Its ridiculous!

Stayingsunnygirl Wed 16-Sep-09 10:46:06

Yep - mince pies on sale in Tescos this weekend. I didn't check, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if they had expiry dates long before Christmas!

Nancy66 Wed 16-Sep-09 10:47:38

Asda had a display of all the big tins of Quality Street and roses yesterday.

SlartyBartFast Wed 16-Sep-09 10:48:20

tesco had them on the first day back at school, i was tempted to kick them all under the shelves, or somethign grin
i am sure i heard someone did that somewhere?

NightShoe Wed 16-Sep-09 11:53:34

Boots are putting out the mix and match stuff on the shelves and I have bought all DD's presents and I have made my list of bits to buy with the weekly shopping to build up my stocks for christmas, will put advent calendar on there now, thank!

p.s I love christmas and have been known to buy presents in january blush

PeedOffWithNits Wed 16-Sep-09 12:00:48

I buy for christmas all year round too Nightshoe, whenever I see a bargain or something just perfect for someone, I buy it

I have got all my cards and wrap from the January sales, lovely thick embossed cards at 30p a box of 24 instead of £4.99 (which I would not have paid)

would you all really rather they waited till December and everyone was in a mad rush (not to mention the expense all in one go)

GypsyMoth Wed 16-Sep-09 12:03:02

sainsburys were doing the big tins of celebrations for £5 yesterday too...

hannahsaunt Wed 16-Sep-09 12:07:32

Dobbies were selling Christmas cards on 25 August.

I am delighted that Christmas puddings have arrived already - at 18wks pregnant, starving and needing the calories, they are fab grin

DebiTheScot Wed 16-Sep-09 12:13:10

In Tesco at the weekend the seasonal isle had BBQ and garden atuff all down 1 side and Christmas stuff all down the other!
I was quite shocked by the mountains of mince pies at the front of the store too.

Lovesdogsandcats Wed 16-Sep-09 12:58:18

yep, its bloody disgraceful!
Anyone seen those tins of chocs in the entrance to Tesco (unless its only my local doing it)

Big posters saying 'buy one get one free', at £10 a tin (so a tenner for 2).It is criminal, those tins are no way a tenner each, they are usually around 5-6 quid, I bought them last Christmas at £5.99 eACH!

funkybuddah Wed 16-Sep-09 13:54:09

I love it when all the xmas stuff comes out, as long as its sept 1st when i se ethem (or acknowledge them) im happy.

i dont get why people get annoyed at it being out early? do the displays shout rude things at you? do they really offend you that much? those inanimate objects that are so cheery and colourful?

ThePhantomPlopper Wed 16-Sep-09 13:56:52

I don't like it because it means by the time the schools break up for Christmas, I have already got through 30 tins of Roses and the novelty has worn off. No self control me.

ChopsTheDuck Wed 16-Sep-09 13:58:08

I think the tins of sweets are probably marketed at people buying for halloween.

TsarChasm Wed 16-Sep-09 13:58:55

I always think if they are going to sell advent calanders at this time of year they should have 100 doors to open uphmm.

ChildOfThe70s Wed 16-Sep-09 14:05:07

I was just thinking about this myself - I remember last year the Xmas and Halloween stuff being side by side as soon as school was back, but so far nothing here at our Sainsbury's or Tesco thank goodness

Koumak Wed 16-Sep-09 14:09:37

I know this is not quite the same but I remember hitting the after Christmas sale isle at Tesco just before News Years Eve and they already had Easter eggs on then!

Itsjustafleshwound Wed 16-Sep-09 14:10:20

I received the Lakeland Christmas catalogue in the mail last week ...

It is a good wake up call for me to get shopping early so I can get the overseas stuff done in time and not miss the cut off like I did last year.

Hasn't Harrod's already got their dept open and there was talk on the radio the other day about the West End lights - apparently, it is Disney sponsored, Dickensian themed ...

milknosugarplease Thu 17-Sep-09 00:45:05

well after my mini shock at early xmas stuff...i bought an xmas prezzie today! boots had the doctor who scene it game (from last years xmas stock!) for £9 down from £36(!) so bought it for the 10 year old i nanny, hell love it!

boots have all their prezzies out now to! come to thik of it paperchase have had their multipacks of xmas cards for a good 2 months now!

a non festive milk!! (i may change to "eggnog" nearer the time tho!)


Firawla Thu 17-Sep-09 01:12:16

it doesn't bother me, maybe people will get organised early and good for them
but for me its convenient we are getting ready for eid and went to boots to get the 3 for 2 presents offers for lots of eid presents grin
would rather see xmas stuff early than halloween, all the halloween products are quite ugly and xmas ones quite nice

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