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about DS playschool sorry long!

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colabottlefizzy Tue 15-Sep-09 21:06:55

This is the first time I've posted so please be gentle!

My ds is three and has ASD. He has been going to creche for a year and is now starting playschool he has a funded place for five mornings a week.
The induction process was staggered so that the children would get used to being there for the first week there were 6 children in for two mornings and the following week there were 12 children in for 3 mornings. The children then go full time next week. DS playleader spoke to me today and said due to ds ASD it would be best for him to do 2 mornings next week and three the following as there will be 18 children and they are concerned about the noise level and him not moving from activity to activity. They said he is doing good at the moment with no problems but this is because it is the same number as was in his creche. He will then go full time in two weeks time when there are 24 dc.
Said this was fine but wasn't until dh said if it's only ds that is not going f/t because of his ASD then how come the numbers go up from 18 to 24 in two weeks time and how come they think he will be fine to cope with 24 but not 18?
I have been told by another mum that the reason for the induction is also to get the teachers used to a large number of dc but the teacher implied to me that ds was the only one not going f/t?
Am I right to be annoyed about this as I don't want his ASD used as an excuse for him not going if thats not the reason. Surely it would be better for him to go more when there are more adults per dc? How can they think he wont cope with 18 but will at 24?
There is no sign atm that he wont cope and loves going there. (he asks for it every day!)

elmofan Tue 15-Sep-09 21:14:09

hi , cola , mmm i see what you mean , it doesn't make much sense , maybe you should question them on this the next time you bring your son , imo you have valid reasons for querying them , good luck

colditz Tue 15-Sep-09 21:17:45

I think if he loves it that this is one of the many things you will have to let go. It may be that they have children on holiday, or starting late for whatever reason, or maybe different staff are party to different information. If it doesn't actually affect him, I'd leave it.

They probably want toinduce him while there are fewer children there, so that he is better able to cope with a slightly larger quntity

zipzap Tue 15-Sep-09 23:35:29

You know your son best - if you think he will like it and cope OK as the numbers go up along with associated noise levels etc, then tell them that, having thought about it, you think that their way of prolonging the induction will cause your ds more of a problem than just being there.

If he has coped with starting, then the first increase and (as much as possible with any 3 yr old!) discussed how numbers are going to increase again and he loves it, then YANBU to want him to be treated as all the other kids.

The other mum may well have been right about the teachers getting used to large numbers of dc (or even just getting the numbers in for their staffing ratios - who knows) - but whether they are or not, no reason for it to be your child that misses out.

And regardless of whether it is or not, I am betting my bottom dollar that they would never ever admit to those reasons, things will always be 'for the best interests of the child' because that makes it so much more difficult for you to turn around and disagree with them!

oldraver Tue 15-Sep-09 23:37:44

But it doesnt sound like he is the only one being delayed going full time if the numbers go up, it sounds like there are others having a similar pattern to him

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