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to not be kept waiting for an hour before my interview because...

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sazzerbear Mon 14-Sep-09 20:10:25

the IT test they had planned for candidates was not TIMED, therefore everyone was taking as long as they wanted. Surely the point of a test is to see how you cope in a controlled environment? I was there for 3 hours!!! angry

mamas12 Mon 14-Sep-09 22:38:06

Bloody hell well I suppose the first thing you can advise them on better time management.

sazzerbear Tue 15-Sep-09 18:55:51

That's what I like mamas12 - positive thinking!!

OtterInaSkoda Wed 16-Sep-09 12:45:54

I like mamas12's thinking too. But what on earth were they asking candidates to do? Develop a new operating system fgs?!?

sazzerbear Wed 16-Sep-09 18:35:26

no, purely create a spreadsheet and a letter! shock

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