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to be mildly pissed off that there is now a minimum spend on the John Lewis website to get free delivery

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raggybo Mon 14-Sep-09 16:57:21

delivery used to be free no matter how much or little you spent, which I found very useful for ordering little things like breast pads or vests when DS1 and DS2 were very little

now you have to spend £30....not very happy!

woodenchair Mon 14-Sep-09 17:08:26

yanbu, more fool them!

Bleatblurt Mon 14-Sep-09 17:09:25

Not so long ago it was a £100 for free delivery. I was pleasently suprised when they dropped that. Is it about £3.95, as that's what it used to be? They probably brought it back as it mustn't be very profitable to be delivering breast pads or vests, sorry.

hocuspontas Mon 14-Sep-09 17:17:36

Only £30 for free delivery!! Surely that's cheaper than most places. How can a company run profitably delivering breast pads free!

raggybo Mon 14-Sep-09 17:18:03

It's only £3. I know I am being mean.

happywomble Mon 14-Sep-09 17:25:22

I feel as though my world has ended sad. I loved the fact it was free delivery. They will be getting less custom from me now.

LovelyTinOfSpam Mon 14-Sep-09 17:32:17

It was brilliant wasn't it...

raggybo Mon 14-Sep-09 17:32:49

I don't think JL ever do discount codes. You can permanently get free delivery from Debenhams, Next and every so often from M&S.

But they are not JL

Firawla Mon 14-Sep-09 21:47:11

YANBU i think it makes sense to offer it free because delivery can put you off when you only want to buy one item it becomes not worth it. Or atleast if they charge it by the weight only/very cheap delivery.

DesperateHousewifeToo Mon 14-Sep-09 22:02:39

I noticed this recently sad.

Have bought a lot from John lewis on-line and I will spend less now (especially as the last thing I ordered has still not arrived after 10 daysangry).

I'll stick with and amazon super saver.

mrsvee Fri 18-Sep-09 05:34:46

Bugger. That's a shame. They were my first choice for lots of things due to free delivery.

nooka Fri 18-Sep-09 05:48:52

I don't think I've ever spent less than £30 at JL so it seems perfectly reasonable to me, but then I'd usually make a special trip to go there, and I've only ever had deliveries for large items that were difficult to take on the train. I miss John Lewis! I don't live near any decent department stores (I'm now in a smallish town in Canada) and Walmart just doesn't have the same nice customer service (or products!) I think I might do a trip there when we come home next year, which says a lot for me because (in general) I hate shopping!

deaddei Fri 18-Sep-09 08:29:24

It saves queuing, going to the collection point and carpark fees. I'm amazed they did free delivery for so long.
John Lewis is my idea of heaven....may just have to go online this morning.

southeastastra Fri 18-Sep-09 08:34:17

i didn't even realise they did free delivery ... bugga

dal21 Fri 18-Sep-09 08:45:21

YABU. Lots of other retailers do it, so I dont blame them. And £3 is actually very reasonable.

BitOfFun Fri 18-Sep-09 08:48:51


This is AIBU, you need to be raging and ready to rip somebody's head off and shit down their neck. Mildly pissed off doesn't cut it. Apart from that, I see your point. smile

catinthehat2 Fri 18-Sep-09 08:52:54

Amazon is going the other way - was £15, but DH ordered an £8 item recently and delivery was free.

EightiesChick Fri 18-Sep-09 08:56:54

Their sales have dropped 20% so it was inevitable they would have to do something. It's not an unreasonable fee too. If it helps, think of it as subsidising their excellent toilet set up - in the new store near me, they have toilets on every floor of the store, disabled and family toilets and a feeding room for babies.

Raggybo, how do you get permanent free delivery from Debenhams? They are second best smile

deaddei Fri 18-Sep-09 09:00:11

And their customer service is beyond compare-I would never buy electricals/white stuff from anywhere else. It's peace of mind.
Plus I get my partnership vouchers every 3 months, a concept dh hasn't grasped- he doesn't realise that I get about £500 worth of vouchers each year to spend on me!

raggybo Sat 19-Sep-09 22:48:09

EightiesChick on the Debenhams website, if you type the code "SHD1" in the promo code box on the checkout screen, delivery is free.

It is supposed to be only for purchases made on a Debenhams Gold Card but I have done it many times paying on another card and never paid for delivery - happy shopping!

NoahDear Sat 19-Sep-09 22:48:48

free dlivery makes me spend

end of

EightiesChick Sat 19-Sep-09 22:52:30

Thanks raggybo, you're a star! grin

Jojay Sat 19-Sep-09 22:52:59

What's your free Next code raggybo??? Pretty please..........

raggybo Sat 19-Sep-09 22:54:10

Why thank you EightiesChick grin

raggybo Sun 20-Sep-09 08:14:12

Jojay, tbh I don't buy that much from Next but there are usually free Next delivery codes doing the rounds on the internet.

The Mumsnet promo codes board usually has some up and the website is usually worth a look too.

Ooh, I feel like Martin Lewis! grin

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