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aibu to care what bloody toy dd took to school last week

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insprognito Sun 13-Sep-09 22:11:05

Last week dd2 came home with a sticker on her cardi asking for a toy to be brought in the next morning.Fast forward to the next morning when 10 mins before leaving the house we remember.
She decides she's going to take her Amazing Alysen doll.This would have been ok but for the fact that the batteries had gone so it's eyes were fixed half open half shut and looked really horrid.
Also it's long hair was all matted and tangled.I started trying to brush it's hair out but it wouldn't smooth out ,I even tried putting it a ponytail to see if it looked o.k then I wiped it's face ffs.
I said sorry dd but you can't take it looking like that what will people think of us.blush
I wanted her to take her new baby make me better doll instead but she wouldn't budge. I got really stressed about it and in the end she grabbed a teddy bear off her bed.
We got to school and I watched the class troop in with all sorts of rag tag stuffed toys and thought to myself why the hell did I care.
Somewhere in my mad brain I was imagining a teacher noting down that dd had taken some scruffy haired broken doll and that would some how reflect on me as a parent.Think I've been hanging around one too many judgy pants threads of late grin.

busybutterfly Sun 13-Sep-09 22:26:49

Just think if she'd taken a new toy and it'd got broken. YABU (but I think you know that!)

cookielove Sun 13-Sep-09 22:29:45

this is posted twice

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