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Hubby being walked all over?????

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Kathrina Sat 12-Sep-09 11:37:54

My husband has been in the same job for the last 4 yrs and is grateful that he has a job but he is so tired when he gets in from work that our home life is really suffering. On Tues he employed a man to work with him he worked 7 hrs that day and 8 hrs on Wed. He called my hubby saying that he needed more money for the job he was doing and that he had contacted his union and they agreed but my hubby said he would not get anymore money and the man said if that was the case he would not be in work again. My hubby gets a set wage every week no matter if he works 20 hrs or 100 hrs he is a delivery driver/drayman and i now think he is being walked all over by his boss and now the man has left my poor hubby is doing 2 peoples work for the same ammount of money!

He has been approached by a rival firm saying they could do with a hard worker like my hubby but for some strange reason he feels loyal to the company he is with even though they are running him into the ground. I cry sometimes as i know how hard he works and that one day he will just collapse.

Asana Sat 12-Sep-09 12:37:26

YANBU. Loyalty is admirable until it takes a negative toll on one's family, especially when there is a better alternative.

Best way to go about it is to arrange a time when you can both sit down and make a list as to the pros and cons between his current job and the rival company, both professional and personal issues. Perhaps that might make him realise which option is better for both him and his family.

Having said that, I'm sure the rival company will come with its own issues, so don't just blindly accept that the grass would automatically be greener on the other side.

As to his current company expecting him to do the work of two people without paying him commensurately or adjusting his workload accordingly, that's not right - should it have an impact on his health, they could be liable for negligence under tort law, but only if your husband brings the unreasonableness and effect of their expectations to their attention.

I wouldn't advise you to insist on him giving up his current job - it would only make him dig his heels in harder. Try and approach it with him showing an open mind (even if that's not the case).

bronze Sat 12-Sep-09 12:39:16

Only worht him being loyal to his company if theyre loyal to him which it sounds like theyre not

Kathrina Sat 12-Sep-09 12:47:28

The man who quit the job the other day said my hubby is a nice man too nice and that is why he is being walked all over but the man in question has no family to support so he can come and go as he pleases. Hubby works 6 days a week and his days off are irregular so we can never plan anything in advance. He used to work with his BIL they got on great but his sister complained that much that the BIL left to set up his own business in the end. I don't want him to leave his job. I think he is going to have to sit down with his boss and tell him how he feels and needs more support.

mummytotwins Sat 12-Sep-09 23:07:35

YANBU I used to run a pub and know and appreciate how hard draymen work and how much breweries take the p*ss. Get him to sit down with his boss and explain but he should look into the other job too, might be able to use it as a bargaining tool. Good luck (Not Marstons brewery btw? shower of shites!!)

Kathrina Sun 13-Sep-09 21:17:45

Thank you mummytotwins. He went out yesterday morning at 8.45 and didnt return till 11.15 last night it can be like that Thurs to Mon the rest of the week he will get in about 8pm!!!

We never get any family time let alone couple time. Someone at my sons school did make a comment the other day and asked if i had split with my hubby as whenever they see me i am on my own with the children. Says it all really!!

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