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not to worry about almost-17yo son away at a music festival?

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NoNoNoNo Sat 12-Sep-09 00:10:46

Son the first is away at a music festival with three disreputable friends, camping. He texted to say he was leaving his phone "somewhere safe" and was "going for a walk".

I know that means he's heading down to the music venue to see what's happening, and he may well acquire a beer or two. Thing is, I'm not worried about him. I think he'll be fine, that this is normal enough for a boy who will turn 17 in a week.

But .. I feel as if I should be worrying - frantic in fact. But I'm not. Am I fantastically naive, unreasonably relaxed, or is it OK?

Ponders Sat 12-Sep-09 00:14:31

My 16-yr-old was at Leeds from the Wed to the Mon & we had no communication at all after the first 24 hours or so. And he was fine smile

MavisEnderby Sat 12-Sep-09 00:15:50

Could be more than a beer,potentially,dependent upon disreputablenes of friends..As long as is not driving I think you are good to be chilled out.(Is in that teenaged experimental age bracket.)

(quakes at thought of ds turning 16)

Hando Sat 12-Sep-09 00:17:35

Texting to say he's fine was nice of him - perhaps he thinks you'llbe worrying.

I wouldn't worry either. The worst he'll be doing is getting drunk and throwing up or getting stoned and throwing up. Neither will harm him and I bet he loves havinga cool mum who lets him go to festivals without hassling him.

NoNoNoNo Sat 12-Sep-09 00:19:08

Thanks Ponders

Could be more, Mavis, but I don't really think so. I think maybe a cider, but I honestly don't think much more than that. I may well be well out of the loop here, but I think he'll be OK. Nobody is driving, thankfully.

NoNoNoNo Sat 12-Sep-09 00:20:32

Thanks Hando. You're right - a little puking won't hurt him

RustyBear Sat 12-Sep-09 00:30:46

Is he at Bestival? DD is there - she says it's more peaceful than Reading, not so many who are only there to make a nuisance of themselves.

scottishmummy Sat 12-Sep-09 00:37:11

he will (probably) get smashed,hang out,have a brill time

normal adolescent milestones
we all did it

dont sweat it
he wont

Hando Sat 12-Sep-09 00:45:55

My aunt was over the other weekend and her son (my cousin who's 16) was at a festial.

She said in shock

"oh I have a text from him, he NEVER texts me"

then she read it and said

"he says he's fine and loves me, he's so obviously stoned".


TAFKAtheUrbanDryad Sat 12-Sep-09 01:07:24

Aww, Hando, that's really sweet!

I was living away from home at 17, so i think your ds will probably be fine, NoNoNoNo. smile

VIX05 Sun 13-Sep-09 00:44:20

My DS has returned from reading safe and sound (given his tendancies in the past to liking vodlka) the main reason being is that one of the motely crew got bladdered by 11 am and he was manhandled to say the least and for the rest of the 4 days he didn't want this fate happening to him so stayed on the lager small blessings for silly friends is all I say
VIX 05

Alishanty Sun 13-Sep-09 02:29:28

He'll be fine. He's 17 after all. I had friends at school who went alone to music festivals when they were 14 or 15 (I wasn't allowed). At least he is at a festival, they are so secure and patrolled nowadays, there's not much that can happen. Ok, he may get wasted but he's nearly an adult and he has to get it out of his system at some point.

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Sun 13-Sep-09 07:36:06

Festivals are probably safer than clubbing/town centres. People tend to be more chilled and happy, booze is expensive and you have to queue for it, thereby leaving the music, so you drink intermittently rather than constantly, and there are paramedics on site. In the old days we never had mobiles so our mums had to go days with no contact and it was fine!


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