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Am I being a parent from hell?

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KathH Thu 10-Sep-09 22:29:59

DD had to apply for her A Level subjects in about April/May. She was accepted for the ones she wanted to do subject to getting a C or above at GCSE. In English (one of the subjects she wanted to do) she got a B. They had to have an interview after getting the GCSE results and the school confirmed she could do the A Levels she wanted to do. Now we've been told that they've got to "cull" the number of pupils doing English A Level as they've accepted 15 too many pupils. Over the next 3 weeks they'll decide which students to boot off. Am really annoyed as I dont understand why they accepted too many pupils, surely they can count? Also annoyed at the lack of urgency in sorting it. If she's one of the ones they kick out she's got to think of another subject to do but also she'll have missed 4 weeks of whatever subject she decides to do. Has anyone been in a similar position? Have rang the school to try & sort out but they cant arrange a meeting for a week.

BethNoire Thu 10-Sep-09 22:34:06

If I was told they couldn't arrange a meeting for a week in a case like this, i'd be looking at going up to the next stage.

matters should be addressed without undue delay- I would say a week into the term IS an undue delay myself

KittyTN Fri 11-Sep-09 12:34:26

Not a parent from hell - understandably concerned. But they havent excluded anyone yet so to expect them to be able to meet the parents of potentially every student who applied for English might be unrealistic. What about a letter/ phone call to English head to register concern and find out what criteria they are going to use to decide - if it's the bottom 15 then your dd is probably not going to be affected since she got a B grade.

BTW I do think it is unreasonable to delay the decision for 3 weeks.

curiositykilled Fri 11-Sep-09 12:40:05

YANBU - It may be a funding issue. The Government is gearing towards getting people on 'vocational' courses so the school might only recently have found they had accepted too many pupils. It could also be that too many applied for English and they all got their grades. I think 4 weeks waiting to be kicked off is rubbish for the students but they probably want to get the teacher to decide who would be best on the course. Is there not a different English option your dd could change to - we had english, english lit and english lang to choose between at A-level?

Sassybeast Fri 11-Sep-09 12:44:35

YANBU at all - I'd definately push for an answer sooner.

KathH Fri 11-Sep-09 20:18:51

Thanks for your input. I'm just really frustrated apart from anything else. Curiositykilled - one of the other A Levels she's doing is English Lit.

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