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AIBU? Who wants to judge please?

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Hando Thu 10-Sep-09 22:17:19

I'm annoyed. Someone posted a thread on a local community board and one of the replies has really really pissed me off. I will post it here and I'd like to know if you guys think IBU or not but having a pop back at this woman....

*The original post*

"hi i have been offered a property on xxx street. does anyboy live there and is it a nice place to live, schools etc."

*The reply* (not by me)

I think it's hard to say "is it a nice area" as opinions of "nice" do vary. I was told conflicting opinions by various people. We live in a dencent area in a flat now. I would not live in that particular area of xxx borders . We have never lived on or near an estate and that's not the sort of place that would suit our family. The house prices in that small area of xxx are pretty much the lowest (I've looked into this) in the whole of xxx and I think that speaks for itself.

Primary schools. Oh dear. From what I have seen & heard and from their Ofsted reports xxx and xxx primary schools are two of the very worst performing primarys in the whole Borough - another major factor in us not moving there.

*The next reply* (the one that pissed me off)
I think you girls sound lucky to have the luxury to chose where you live as your housing is being provided through social housing. i live in xxx. i bought my house with hard earned money, my neighbours have also bought their properties! We could not afford to buy in a so called "less rough" area. In my opinion xxx is not "rough" and it is the people in social housing in the area that neglect their properties and neighbours that may give may it that appearance!

*So I wrote in reply*

You are condescending, judgemental and rude! You have deliberatly tried to make this lady feel bad about her situation.

Have you ever been homeless? Lived in a grotty hostel with your children? Left your own home to escape an abusive partner? If you think that is "lucky" then you are seriously mistaken!

"hard earnt cash"? Oh so now people in social housing don't work?!? I'll enlighten you on the fact that many people in social housing work flipping hard and pay their own way, they are just given the chance to have thier own home by affrodable rent schemes.

Lets hope you never have a fall from that high horse of yours and need to ask for state help or (god forbit) benefits or social housing! Snob!

SO AIBU? Too late as I have sent it, but I just thought I'd let you lot put your judgey hats on and comment.

ilovespagbol Thu 10-Sep-09 22:25:49


rosiest Thu 10-Sep-09 22:26:43

I don't blame you at all!! can't stand the attitude that people in social housing don't work or keep their homes nice so no UANBU

WhereYouLeftIt Thu 10-Sep-09 22:37:07

Sorry for being thick, but the post that annoyed you - how could the poster deduce that the other two were in social housing? The first, yes - she talks of being 'offered' a property, but I can't see it in the 2nd posting. Actually, that one pissed me off. She's never stayed there or had kids in the schools there, but she's slagging it off. The third poster took umbrage at that. Don't agree with her 'social housing' comments, but she lives there and felt under attack.

pickyvic Thu 10-Sep-09 22:50:56

i read it the same as whereyouleftit, the first post sounded snottier than the one that annoyed you tbh.

Hando Thu 10-Sep-09 23:39:00

Ah sorry, didn't put that. She is a regular poster and we all know she's been waiting to be offered a council property. The other woman knew that when she posted.

Also, the schools there are crap and it is a really scummy "rough" area. No doubting it!

Hando Thu 10-Sep-09 23:39:50

Just about as scummy as where I live in fact grin

hmc Thu 10-Sep-09 23:42:41

No YANBU - but you were a bit ill advised to let a numpty like her get under your skin.

fortyplus Thu 10-Sep-09 23:47:23

Well on the face of it I'd be more cross with the 1st post for being snobby about the area and could understand why it rattled the cage of the woman who bought her own home there.

I work in housing myself and I know what prejudices social housing tenants face. Trouble is it's the tiny minority who fulfil the cliche image that make things so tough for all the decent tenants. And NOT just the working tenants!! That's an unreasonable comment if ever I heard one! We have lots of tenants who are unable to hold down a job for one reason or another - maybe a disability or injury that flares up at certain times. Loads of the people working really hard to make their area a better place are unwaged.

So... you are being a teensy bit unreasonable, but not for the reasons you thought you were! smile

Glitterknickaz Thu 10-Sep-09 23:51:40

There are many of us in social housing through necessity, couldn't get a mortgage by any means and private rental out of reach in relation to family income.

Social Housing is a much needed thing.

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