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to worry that the school gates not locked??

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ivedoneitnow Thu 10-Sep-09 21:54:41

My dd started school last week, and starts staying for school dinners on Monday...
I have noticed this week, that the school gate (tall metal fencing) is not locked, but the bar thingy is drawn across, giving the impression that it is locked.....
I assumed that the playground would be locked to prevent kids wandering out and unwanted adults coming in....
I queried this with the teacher, who said, once the kids are in lessons, there is another gate which prevents them / others access to the yard, but the main gate (into the yard only) remains unlocked...
She said kids can't open it... well I have seen that they can, and that the dinner nannies watch the children on a lunchtime.
I explained it wasn't the children getting out that I am concerned about, as much as who can get in.....
I think that an unlocked gate carries unnecessary risk... or AIBU???

girlwithapearl Thu 10-Sep-09 21:58:49

YANBU. We had an issue with security at our school a couple of years ago - a nursery child managed to wander off unnoticed. They didn't actually end up on the street, but could have. Security now is much much better - gates locked soon after 9 and then only way for people to get in or out is via school office and they have to be buzzed in and out. Like you say, it is not just about children getting out, but about who can get in. You should take it up with the head

hambler Thu 10-Sep-09 22:37:30

our school gates are not locked and it has never occurred to me they should be.

emkana Thu 10-Sep-09 22:40:32

There are so many people going in and coming out of school during a school day, locking the gates would be very impractical imo. At our school you can enter the playground, but to get into the building you have to be buzzed in.

Littlefish Thu 10-Sep-09 22:42:14

Our gates are locked at 9.30 and opened at 2.30pm.

If someone really wanted to get in (or out!), they could climb over the fence though.

BethNoire Thu 10-Sep-09 22:44:34

Igf there's a locked barier between the kids and the gate once class ahs started, I wouldn't be too worried tbh.

One of ther easons my ds is in a SNU is that the gates couldn't be locked and it was deemed unsafe for him in MS,so unless tehre are no SN kids there it is an issue (there are SN kids in every school). But it does derpend entirely on the locked gate- if it is secure and the main one ios just somvisiting professionsal (of which there are many) haveaccess then YABU. Understandably so perhaps, but perhaps a bit OTT

jellybeans Thu 10-Sep-09 22:45:46

YANBU I wish ours were always locked. At least one child (age 4) has escaped before now!

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