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to think that just because I'm home all the time now...

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wifeofmrtouchy Wed 09-Sep-09 22:28:45

I'm not going to spend all day having sex?

I got made redundant recently and am now home all the time. DH mostly works evenings (he worked part-time round my now ex-job) and is just being a total PITA wanting me to go and have sex with him through the day.

I'm trying to catch up on loads of stuff round the house that just never got done when I was working (which sounds dull but I'm just hoping to get something good out of the situation even if that's only a clean house!) and the more he hassles for sex, the less I want to do it. He can't even hug me at the moment without trying to put his hands down my pants and quite frankly, it's pissing me off. When I say no he gets sulky and mopes off.

Our sex life was great before I was home all the time sad

ps. I've been on MN for years but I've name changed.


cfc Wed 09-Sep-09 22:30:16

No. Getting pestered for sex is the one thing guaranteed to turn me right off.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Wed 09-Sep-09 22:30:21

YANBU! What is wrong with some men?

Can't you send him off to the spare room with some porn? <not joking emoticon>

randomtask Wed 09-Sep-09 22:31:53

No you're NBU.  Tell him that you love him very much but you would like your sex life to be imaginative.  Being touched up constantly is not being imaginative-it's lazy 'want a shag' behaviour.

LucyOnTheSchoolRunWithDiamonds Wed 09-Sep-09 22:31:55

I'd be doing that man thing of pretending to have a job. Like the old bloke in The Full Monty. Anything to get away from that!! Sounds yeuch. I don't think YABU

famishedass Wed 09-Sep-09 22:40:50

YABU - daytime sex when the kids are in school is the best ever!!!!!

You'll have lots of energy coz you're not tired, plus you won't get disturbed, can make as much noise as you like without waking the kids and can choose anywhere in the house to do it.

I'd give my right arm for a daytime shag envy - how can you possibly prefer to clean than have sex?

choosyfloosy Wed 09-Sep-09 22:48:12

Yeah, sorry but YABabitU - I think on your deathbed you may be keener on looking back on more sex with your partner as the 'something good' you got out of being made redundant, rather than a tidier house.

Initially, why not kind of seduce yourself - have a nice bath in the morning, put on any pair of underpants that aren't fit for the rag bag and maybe some body butter or something - then take the initiative and jump dh...

a few hours later you can then have the talk about can he PLEASE not molest you in quite such a fourth form way?

TheLadyEvenstar Wed 09-Sep-09 23:02:35

Choosy lol you sound like me!!

TheCrackFox Wed 09-Sep-09 23:11:17

I prefer day time sex but the DCs have put a downer on that.

However, it is off putting being pestered for sex.

Sure is comfy on this fence.

TheLadyEvenstar Wed 09-Sep-09 23:15:57

TCF be careful you don't get a splinter up your bum lol

weegiemum Wed 09-Sep-09 23:19:50

Pestering is a real turn off.

But dh has one day off a week, and we pretty much always go back to bed once the kids are at school!!!

Sometimes first thing, sometimes after lunch. But i can pretty much guarantee sex on Tuesday (except this week when he had to work to cover someone else! Crap!)

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