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AIBU to expect a dating scan sooner because letter got lost?

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mummyofthomas Wed 09-Sep-09 17:01:03

HI there, i just got a letter today 09/09/09 telling me about a dating scan appointment for 05/09/09 (postal strike) now I know its not the hospitals fault although it wasn't even post dated until 01/09/09! I phoned to ask for another appointment and the soonest they can offer is when I will be 16 weeks, the lady I spoke to said because it was at 16 weeks they may refuse to even do the scan - seems a little extreme to me? The only reason I worry is with my first baby I was sure of my dates but scan dates put me a week forward from this. My due date came and went and at 40wks + 13 days they did a scan and said I needed to be induced straight away due to low liquor volume. 7 hours later I had a very healthy if large 8lbs 110z baby and a third degree tear. If I had gone with my dates and had no scan then it would have been another 7 days before they had even looked at me - could that have put my baby at risk because of the low liquor. Also I am scared about tearing again this time so could going post term mean bigger baby hence another tear? (I am a petite person). Sorry for the rambling and super long thread, I have a nasty infection at the moment which I think is making me even more worried/paranoid

oldraver Wed 09-Sep-09 17:06:13

Do they not do Nuchals, if so you need it done at a specific time. Have you seen your midwife yet and can you get her or your gp to phone and get it bought forward

kingprawntikka Wed 09-Sep-09 17:06:31

I would talk to your midwife.She may be able to move your scan if she talks to the hospital

mummyofthomas Wed 09-Sep-09 17:18:27

Hi, no they don't do Nuchals where I am on the NHS but we have decided we don't want any extra screening anyway. I did talk to my local midwives who didn't seem concerned at all (not my own midwife tho) which should put my mind at rest but somehow is hasn't, they were brilliant with my first pregnancy but no one seems to care about the second one or about my very real concerns about tear, I am still not right now 12 months on! My fiance thinks I am not forceful enough, which is definately true (don't want to trouble people).But they are the experts so how much can u push them to bring appointments forward?

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