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children's oyster cards.......come moan with me

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kentmumtj Wed 09-Sep-09 16:18:31

grrrrr am a little fed up with oyster

i applied for my dd first oyster card on 6th Aug through the post office, i received a letter back saying she had not signed it and they sent me 2 new forms (one for me one for them) for both me and dd to sign and send back.

Which i did also in Aug, so i phone them askign where the card now is and they tell me they never received our signed declaration thing. So i send them the other one (my copy)

i queried my dd signing it as i though i was not going mad and they confirmed she had signed the original so i was puzzled [hmm[ why did they need us to re send in signatures

they told me it was because she ahd not put a date next to her name

i think that is soooooo stupid

anyways i phone them today as i have still not received her oyster card and we are having to pay for the bus journeys grrrr
and low and behold they told me they still havenet received them as there's a postal strike?????hmm is there?????

so i ask if i can send the next one recorded delivery ans they give me an address and tow am i now going to get this form if theres a postal strike i asked them

i said i can have it emailed to me, faxed to me, or i can go online and download and print one off and got told none of these options were available to me

and can you guess what they said they will do ............ send one to me in the post ..............der if these a postal strike how will it get to me

idiots i know its not the callers fault but in this world of modern technology i can only get another form through the post and wont get one coz they tell me theres a strike.

anyone else had any problems??????

kentmumtj Wed 09-Sep-09 16:51:15


am i alone in having these problems?????

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