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...after we had sausage & mash for tea...

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Ponders Tue 08-Sep-09 23:02:50 keep sneaking downstairs & scraping up sausage fat with a forkful of leftover mash?


TheChilliMooseisasmadasahatter Tue 08-Sep-09 23:03:21

urgh yes YABU.

Ponders Tue 08-Sep-09 23:04:08

they were v classy sausages though


Tidey Tue 08-Sep-09 23:05:22


It's reasonable if you enjoyed it I suppose, but I don't think I could eat sausage fat without the sausages.

Which is weird really, because I quite like pork scratchings, and they're considerably more disgusting when you think about it.

Ponders Tue 08-Sep-09 23:17:19

But I am a lady! So it must be all right!

TheLadyEvenstar Tue 08-Sep-09 23:19:46

I do that with Bacon fat and bread when i cook it on the grill so YANBU!!!!

jemart Tue 08-Sep-09 23:20:26

MIL does this sort of thing. yuk.

Ponders Tue 08-Sep-09 23:20:41

Oh thank goodness, thank you, LadyE grin

TheLadyEvenstar Tue 08-Sep-09 23:31:30

Ponders YVW...I also do it with sausage fat lol

cat64 Wed 09-Sep-09 00:06:00

Message withdrawn

skybright Wed 09-Sep-09 00:08:02

yuk,however left over chicken.i am gnawing the bones.grin

TheLadyEvenstar Wed 09-Sep-09 00:16:50

LOL @ bones

maize Wed 09-Sep-09 00:26:54

Ming ming ming.

waitingforfanjo Wed 09-Sep-09 00:33:29

Fat? YUK! I am also assuming the fat was (retch) congealed since you had to scrape it up? (double retch)

Ponders Wed 09-Sep-09 00:39:03

Oh dear blush

Actually it wasn't congealed when I first tried is v tasty though, congealed or otherwise (& the sausages concerned are 95% meat so not a huge amount of left-over fat).

I obv have a big dietary problem though grin

Tortington Wed 09-Sep-09 00:40:31

serously gross





with butter ( fat i know) mmmmmmmmmmm

Ponders Wed 09-Sep-09 00:42:03

well exactly, custy!

differentiate between buttery fatty mash (yum) & sausagey fat (also - er - yum!)

SomeGuy Wed 09-Sep-09 00:48:17

eek. I do grab handfuls of Jordans raspberry crunch cereal when I go downstairs however.

Tortington Wed 09-Sep-09 00:50:57

sausagey fat - isn't yum its rank

GypsyMoth Wed 09-Sep-09 00:56:52

i love cold leftover mashed potato!!

LilMissPerimenopause Wed 09-Sep-09 01:00:41

congealed sausage fat? bleargh!

on the other hand, I do have a weakness for sneaking cake, biccies yumyum

waitingforfanjo Wed 09-Sep-09 01:02:37

Because the butter in the mash is all mixed in and lovely and creamy, but the sausage fat is all cold and hard and white like lard.

I know what you're saying, it's all still fat but one seems so much more appetising than the other.

waitingforfanjo Wed 09-Sep-09 01:09:59

I don't think you have a dietary problem though. If you start rooting through the kitchen bin for bits of leftover sausage fat, that's a problem grin

And despite my saying YUK to sausage fat, I will own up to making up cake mixture, as in: RAW eggs, sugar, butter (fat) and flour and then eating it. Not even making it into a cake, just eating the mixture. It's yummy blush

kickassangel Wed 09-Sep-09 04:00:07

my dad loves toast & dripping, so whilst it doesn't appeal to me, i can understand it, sort of.

MrFlibble Wed 09-Sep-09 07:31:56

Shouldnt of read this thread first thing in the morning! Congealed sausage fat is yuck!

waitingforfanjo I made some cakes the other day and as with tradition left a small amount in bowl for me to eat. Completely forgeting that im 6 months pregnant and really shouldnt be doing things like that... WHOOPS! (did taste good though)

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