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Following on from the LK Bennett thread, I am having trouble with Hoss Intropia!

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susie100 Tue 08-Sep-09 16:47:53

Bought a top for £250 (!) for a wedding and have worn it maybe 3 times in a year. Took it to dry cleaners as per label and the top was completely ruined.

Dry cleaners have said that although the fabric was suitable for dry cleaning, the plastic/leatherette trim is not and that the top was mislabelled for dry cleaning.

Hoss said they were 'checking with their quality control' and a month later have sent me some test results from a lab in India dated May 2008 so obviously it is not my top that has been tested. It also states mesh fabric and nothing about the trim.

They also included a rather snotty letter stating 'the top has noticeably deteriorated and looks completely different rom its original condition' And then bangs on about what fine fabrics they use etc. They have missed the point entirely about the top not being suitably labelled!

Dry cleaner is being really helpful and says he can 100% confirm that an independent test would prove the trim was unsuitable for dry cleaning rather than him not using correct chemicals, heat etc. He said an independent test would cost £90 and he would refund the cost of the top and the £90 if the test proved he was at fault.

Have tried to call Hoss a number of times to see if they would reciprocate but no response.

They were sooo rude to me in the shop 'we never give refunds, EVER' and in the letter.

Any advice?

MichKit Tue 08-Sep-09 17:02:44

What is it about high end shops treating their customers like shite?? I am so sorry for you, as I went through so much aggro at LK Bennett!!

Anyway, Susie, here's what I did and you may want to do.

Call Consumer Direct and your local Trading Standards and get a reference number from them. They are good at giving advice, as particularly in your case it is so clear that the top was mislabelled, plus you have evidence from your dry cleaners.

Then write a letter to their customer service, quoting your CD reference number, your dry cleaner's statement and any other relevant details. Copy the letter to their CEO, Diana Wright (at the Sunday Times' A Question of Money'), Consumer Direct, your local Trading Standards. Make sure you send the original letter by recorded delivery, and keep the proof of postage.

If you have bought the top using your credit card, call the CC company and tell them you are opening a dispute with the retailer. They will then send you a form to sign, and ask you to give details in a letter. This is probably quite important, as I found my CC company very supportive and felt that they would definitely make sure the money was refunded.

Finally, if you know any journalists, write to them and try and get your story out as wide as possible.

The only way to deal with companies like this is to name and shame. I know its a hassle, but you have to get your money back as it seems to be very clearly their fault in this case!

MichKit Tue 08-Sep-09 17:04:28

Oh, and also point out that the letter they sent you clearly gives the wrong results and insist on getting a right results and make sure you get everything verified by an independent test. You can take the results to the small claims court if everything else fails.

susie100 Tue 08-Sep-09 17:09:37

Thanks Mitchkit! Great advice, I will start the process! Used to be my favourite shop sad

susie100 Wed 09-Sep-09 14:57:27

Head of the UK has just called me and was incredibly sweet and helpful. Looks like the top will be sent off for an indie test (I can choose who) and whoever is at fault has agreed to pay (Hoss versus dry cleaner)

Fingers crossed!

mammyto1 Wed 09-Sep-09 15:41:25

Susie thats great news. My fingers are crossed for you!

MichKit Wed 09-Sep-09 15:47:16

That's brilliant news Susie. Fingers crossed for you too! Sometimes it just helps to make a noise and not accept bad customer service!

hifi Wed 09-Sep-09 17:42:31

this kind of thing really annoys me. in the grand scheme of things 250 isnt alot to the company. why go to all this bother and just refund you? its shoddy customer service.

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