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...To think that once..... just once... Parcelforce could deliver on time??

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LadyOfTheFlowers Tue 08-Sep-09 15:02:03

I have used PF twice in the past and both times they have either failed to collect or been late/failed to deliver on the right day, causing myself and others wasted time.

I used them again this time to collect and deliver something and paid ectra for the 'Next day by noon' service.

They collected the item yesterday fine (though a bit late in the day considering the distance it needs to travel. It is coming from Birmingham to Swindon) and it was taken to the local hub, where it was 'miss sorted' then 'redirected to correct hub'. That was at 05.57am today. The last place it was tracked was in Birmingham. (being redurected to correct hub)

I am very annoyed indeed.

I am sure lots of other people have used them no probs. I can't seem to get any joy. hmm

generalunrest Tue 08-Sep-09 15:58:31

Good luck with you on that one, I'm sure they're just doing the best they can smile

BumptiousandBustly Tue 08-Sep-09 16:02:00

What compensation do they offer? Best way to improve them, make them pay when it goes wrong.

LadyOfTheFlowers Tue 08-Sep-09 16:35:42

If they deliver today, which I severely doubt, I get a 50% refund on the postage price.
If they deliver tomorrow, I get a full refund.

The status changed ten mins ago for the first time since 6 o clock this morn to 'on route to hub'. It's last tracked location: Birmingham.
Any idea what that means? It has only just started it's journey from Birmingham to Swindon?!!

LadyOfTheFlowers Tue 08-Sep-09 16:55:54

The closest 'hub' is Bristol, so I doubt I will see the bloody thing until late tomorrow.
So much for 12pm today.

lynniep Tue 08-Sep-09 16:58:49

I feel sorry for you LOTF - I think its very bad luck. sad I actually prefer PF to any of the other delivery services because I know if I'm not in they'll leave the parcel at the sorting office where I can collect it rather than buggering off with it again so I have to arrange another delivery. They just sound a bit incompetent where you are.

LadyOfTheFlowers Tue 08-Sep-09 17:09:32

They must be, as like you said, I know most people go for them.
Because of my past experiences, I tried to go with someone else this time but because of the weight of it, it had to be PF.

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