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To think that some of these posts are riduculous?

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midlandsmumof4 Mon 07-Sep-09 01:02:48

OK-I've had too much to drink & I will probably regret this later. My BIL aged 45 died on Wednesday. His two sons aged 18 & 21 are now orphans cos their mum was killed in a car accident 16 years ago. He also has a daughter aged 5. A friend of mine died yesterday-totally unexpected aged 51. Was due to be a grandmother (1st one) in November. So....aibu

Alambil Mon 07-Sep-09 01:04:44

GypsyMoth Mon 07-Sep-09 01:05:00


That's bad. This stuff happens tho,tragic.

Have been watching a theworld trade center prove, puts things in perspective

skybright Mon 07-Sep-09 01:09:56

Sometimes life is soo shit,sorry for your losses.

midlandsmumof4 Mon 07-Sep-09 01:20:37

Thanks-the point I was trying to make was that sometimes there is more to worry about than what to put in your kids lunch boxes.

skybright Mon 07-Sep-09 01:35:50

I now mm4, if you have time to worry about the small things in life then you are lucky.x

skybright Mon 07-Sep-09 01:36:07


Asana Mon 07-Sep-09 08:22:26

All because something seriously tragic has happened to others does not mean that people can't or shouldn't be able to 'sweat' the small petty things in life. I lost both my parents in my early teenage years, ended up homeless at one point, have had a number of miscarriages and spent most of my early 20s in and out of hospital. I still get fecked off by buggers playing music out loud on buses, perhaps sometimes moreso than anything else I've mentioned. Totally illogical/irrational but, nevertheless, valid grin

TheDMshouldbeRivened Mon 07-Sep-09 08:27:17

sometimes you need trivial stuff to take your mind off bad things. I'm living in a bad situation but am still going to witter about shoes or somesuch. I cant spend all the time worrying about dd.

weegiemum Mon 07-Sep-09 08:31:55

YAB a bit U, though I am very sorry for what you have been going through.

The thing is ... life goes on. Sorry, but it just does. When someone you love dies (I know) it feels like the whole world should stop - but it just doesn't.

So yabu to expect all of MN to stop just because you are suffering. But yanbu to be sad, upset, and deeply aware of the triviality of life when everything is going swimmingly.

SO sorry for your losses

LuluMaman Mon 07-Sep-09 08:32:16

some absolutely awful things have happened recently to friends of mine.i mean really awful. but the mundanity of life and the trivia continues. and sometimes you have to think about the small silly stuff or you'd just go mad. but when you ae in the throes of a terrible tragedy that is all consuming, you cannot understand why anyone else would get upset about the trivia

am so sorry for the loss of your BIL and for your friend. that is terrible sad

TheDMshouldbeRivened Mon 07-Sep-09 08:37:03

I do think its a normal reaction. When dd was brain damaged I coulnd't understand how anyone, let alone family, could be worried about anything else. Everything in life seemed so trivial compared to what happenend to dd.
But life goes on. Should we all stand weeping and mourning because humans across the planet die every minute?
WWe can't, we'd go mad. Life wouldn't happen.

GetOrfMoiLand Mon 07-Sep-09 08:45:03

Very good posts by Riven and Lulu.

wastingmyevening Mon 07-Sep-09 08:45:40

It's good to stand back and look at the bigger picture occasionally though, puts the broken washing machine and awkward bus drivers in perspective.

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