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to find smug little lines & blinkies on forums really grate me??

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smokinaces Sat 05-Sep-09 22:53:33

You know the ones. Where the post is signed off with

xxx with a "breastfeeding, baby wearing, BLWing, Cloth diapering, rear facing toddler"

bleurgh. I really want to write one back with xx with a "cow milk drinking, pushchair lounging, disposible nappy wearing, eats what he can cram in in two seconds whilst walking, forward facing tantrumming child"

is it just me that finds this really unneccesary?? why do forum posts need to be signed off with all this stuff?

and dont get me started with all the bloomin flashing blinkies "proud breastfeeding/cloth diaper et all"

ok ok, I know I am being UR. But I just find them so smug and, well, grating!! It just reminds me of an article I read on the DM site earlier (ok, flame me now) about mothers just itching to get one over on each other and trying to trump one another.

GirlsAreLOud Sat 05-Sep-09 22:55:14


The most vomit-inducing of them all is "cloth-bummed".

Superceded only by "cloth-bummed and carried".


KembleTwins Sat 05-Sep-09 22:55:56

I agree. They're hideous. Just steer clear of netmums

xxxx Mommy to adorable twins aged 3 years 2 months, 29 days, 10 hours, 27 minutes and 53 seconds xxxx


MyCatIsAFleaBagNoMore Sat 05-Sep-09 22:58:47

Why would people do that? You wouldn't do that in RL would you - well,not unless you wanted to risk a punch in the face (purely for their own good of course !)

weegiemum Sat 05-Sep-09 22:59:11

I was once on a forum where someone had a "counting down to pregnancy test" ticker.

"1 week, 2 days, 3 hours, 34 minutes, 15 seconds till I pee on a stick"

xx Hun xx

weegiemum Sat 05-Sep-09 22:59:47

(i am not on that forum any more)

scottishmummy Sat 05-Sep-09 23:04:51

fortunately i know nothing of these salutations

Rollmops Sat 05-Sep-09 23:05:43

Kerrrrist on a bike, WHY, why would any mother be itching to get 'one over' another mother. Perhaps I am simply too self centered [DH nodding vigurously]to care.
Happy as we are and hoping the others are happy as well.
[peace , hic]
That was a lovely Marsanne...grin
As for the ticking smug websites, amusing in a sad sort of way.

WidowWadman Sat 05-Sep-09 23:05:49

I once had a blinkie saying "I don't need to advertise my parenting decisions in a blinkie".

Been chucked off that board since (admittedly for a different reason) and actually find the lack of signatures and tickers on here quite refreshing.

smokinaces Sat 05-Sep-09 23:10:51

this is the article I was reading earlier (had gone to find the picture of the model with the pouch as per the tummy tuck thread)

I have to admit, I hate the whole competiveness of parenting, and try and keep out of it. I just hate these things being put right in my face on a forum!!

smokinaces Sat 05-Sep-09 23:11:42

and Widow, I am so getting me one of them.

pigletmania Sat 05-Sep-09 23:12:03

YANBU what do they want a medal lol

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